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Ornamental Plants to Reduce Stress

Especially if we have to do every day activities on the desk just like that.

Though maintaining the mood to remain productive at work is very important. Therefore we must try to maintain the mood so as not to get bored easily and work productivity can be maintained. Quite often, to get rid of boredom we need to put something on the work table that can be uplifting.

In addition to being a decoration to beautify your desk, ornamental plants on your desk can also clean the air. Not only that, the presence of ornamental plants on your desk can also increase your happiness.

Not only do these ornamental plants not require complicated care, but they can also be grown indoors. So that the work table is more beautiful and does not look monotonous, here are some ornamental plants that you can put on your desk.

Peace Lily As An Ornamental Plant For A Workbench
Peace lily is a flower that has a beautiful visual shape with fairly wide and ripe leaves. So it makes the work table look more beautiful and more colorful because the peace lily plant does not only look green.

So it makes the air around healthier too right?

You Can Also Put the Philodendron on the Workbench
Whether your desk is located in an area that gets a lot of sunlight or in a corner of a sun-less room, the Philodendron plant can always be an option to decorate your desk. The shiny green color of the leaves gives a cheerful impression on the work table.

Maintenance is quite easy, by watering it twice a week. So my friend can better maintain productivity which tends to decrease due to decreased concentration.

Therefore, this plant is one of the plants that is suitable to be placed on a desk.

This plant is also commonly grown in Indonesia, so you can get it easily.

For example by choosing plants that are easily treated like Spider Plant. So this plant can be one of the choices of plants to decorate your desk.

So some ornamental plants for this work table can be used as a choice for you to decorate your work desk. More fun, fresh, mood awake and work productivity did not decrease.

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