Yellow accents brighten Lone Tree Wellness Center by Neumann Monson – Home Design Ideas

An elevated running track encircles this sports centre that Neumann Monson Architects has designed for the residents of Lone Tree, Iowa.

The 21,400-square-foot (1,988-square-metres) Lone Tree Wellness Center was created for the community of approximately 1,400 people, located halfway between the state’s capital Des Moines and Chicago, Illinois.

Lone Tree Wellness Center by Neumann Monson Architects

The project was the result of a collaboration between the school district and the municipality itself: neither could individually afford new facilities, so they teamed up to cover the building costs.

“As a valuable community resource, the building deepens residents’ roots and encourages the town’s growth,” said Iowa-based Neumann Monson Architects in a project description.

Lone Tree Wellness Center by Neumann Monson Architects

The school district was eager to provide spaces for its basketball and wrestling teams, and these two sports are the main focus of the new facility.

Because the basketball court requires more height, it is located in a double-height space towards the back of the building. The remainder of the ground floor is single-height, and is used for auxiliary programs such as locker rooms, a reception desk, and informal lounge spaces.

Lone Tree Wellness Center by Neumann Monson Architects

The rooms for wrestling are located on the partial second floor, and are accessible by two symmetrical staircases along the southern edge of the basketball court.

A bright yellow running track is also available on this level. It wraps around the entire building perimeter, and is elevated to avoid disturbing the ground-floor programme.

Lone Tree Wellness Center by Neumann Monson Architects

“In the new building, a raised indoor track orbits the wrestling/exercise room’s perch overlooking the basketball court,” said Neumann Monson.

More yellow accent walls are visible throughout the rest of the building, providing contrast to the palette of concrete, black-painted steel, and polycarbonate panels – all chosen to be “minimal and durable”.

Lone Tree Wellness Center by Neumann Monson Architects

The use of transparent and translucent materials on the facade is intended to draw interest from the street front.

The architects designed the main elevation to showcase basketball games to passersby through a glass wall. Pedestrians can also catch glimpses of runners on the track above, through a row of polycarbonate panels.

Lone Tree Wellness Center by Neumann Monson Architects

Neumann Monson Architects has completed a variety of projects in its home state: from a zero-energy parking garage to a renovated historic farmhouse.

Also designed with the intention to bring together communities, leisure facilities elsewhere in North America include a covered basketball court in the Mexican port of Veracruz, and the underside of a Toronto highway that hosts a public skating rink in winter.

Photography is by Cameron Campbell.

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Prefabricated Huaxia Star Library by Dot Architects built in just seven days – Home Design Ideas

Dot Architects has completed a school library in rural China constructed in a week by amateur builders using the WikiHouse open-source architecture platform.

The Huaxia Star Library is an addition to Er-tai primary school in Hebei province, a rural community which is afflicted by high levels of poverty.

The school has 1,000 pupils, whose only library facility previously was a reading room measuring just 45 square metres. Chinese studio Dot Architects was created the standalone structure to house a dedicated library and reading room.

Huxia Star Library by Dots Architects

The library was funded by a donation from Huaxia Bank, and was constructed by students from the bank’s MBA programme. This use of unskilled labour necessitated a design that was simple to construct for novice builders in a timeframe of just one week.

“The design scheme of the library had to respond the special requirement of the construction process,” explained Dot Architects, which was able to call on 46 volunteers to help with the build.

Huxia Star Library by Dots Architects

The library is based on an open-source system developed by the Wikihouse Foundation, which provides downloadable blueprints for simple structures that can be constructed quickly and straightforwardly.

Dot Architects previously utilised the system when designing a futuristic concept home in Beijing, while London studio HawkinsBrown used it to install 21 modular workspaces on the site of the former broadcast centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Huxia Star Library by Dots Architects

The pre-fabricated buildings comprise modules that are assembled in a factory, where the structure and insulation are combined with external and internal walls.

Once the modules are delivered to site, they can be craned into position and simply fixed to the main structural frame. Multiple modules combined in a row create elongated volumes with a uniform section.

Huxia Star Library by Dots Architects

The library comprises three identical pitched volumes that are arranged in a row and staggered slightly in plan. Each structure’s gable wall is recessed to create a sheltered porch at the entrance.

The northern structure contains the library shelves, with a public space and courtyard occupying the central area, and the southern block housing a reading room. An adjoining pergola provides a shaded outdoor space.

Huxia Star Library by Dots Architects

“The library blends into the local context with the typical triangular gable-shaped strip, yet its staggered arrangement and inner patio achieve an interesting and interactive space for the campus,” the architect added.

Plenty of windows incorporated into the facades ensure the spaces feel bright inside. The rooms are clad in chipboard panels that follow the gabled shape and create a sense of uniformity throughout the building.

Huxia Star Library by Dots Architects

The building process was supervised by the architects along with specialists in wood construction. School staff and pupils were responsible for installing the furniture, and the books were donated by Huaxia Bank along with other charitable organisations.

Danish architecture firm COBE recently completed a wedge-shaped library for a school in a deprived suburb of Copenhagen, and Gonzalez Moix Arquitectura designed a community library in Lima with columns shaped like books on shelves.

Photography is by Wu Qingshan.

Project credit:

Architecture and interior design: Dot Architects
Furniture design: Opendesk, Dot Make
Wood structure consultant: Crown Homes
Client: Huaxia Bank Co
Design team: Duo Ning, Zhang Longxiao, Mao Yanyan
Construction: All trainees in Huaxia Star training camp, phase seven

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Crazy money has “corrupted” architecture says David Adjaye – Home Design Ideas

Billion-pound projects are perverting architecture warns David Adjaye, who says architects should be champions for the cities they build projects in.

In a keynote speech at the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam yesterday, Adjaye said that architecture should be the “arbiter of ideas”, yet many of today’s projects are driven by “elitism that is to do with hyper-commercial liberalism and who controls money”.

“Money has totally corrupted the ability to make a meaningful form,” the architect told the audience.

“It’s all about money now. Architecture in the west is absurdly expensive – projects cost billions and it’s crazy.”

Architects have a responsibility to cities

Adjaye, who was knighted for his services to architecture in 2017, argued that architects have a responsibility to make sure their buildings give back to the people that use them, rather than simply fulfil a client’s brief.

“Architecture is able to become a form that is able to push a certain sort of justice into the equation,” he said.

“I think that architects are responsible in the way that they work for a client, but they also work for a city, they’re always indebted to making sure the city is giving the best back to its constituents.”

Adjaye said his Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture gives back to the people that use it

The Adjaye Associates founder took the audience through a selection of his own projects, highlighting how each one offers some kind of “free space” –  a nod to the theme of this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale –  to its place.

One example he gave was his Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC.

Smithsonian Museum conveys political message

He said the building, which cost $250 million (£196 million) to build, is designed to take visitors on an emotional journey that communicates a political message. It does this by taking people down eight levels then back up another eight, to “literally physically bury people into a space with no light and then to lift them up”.

Design elements were also chosen to celebrate the craftsmanship of African people who were enslaved and brought to America.

“We think migrants have no skills but there were these incredible people brought to America who were literally building America with their skills,” said Adjaye.

The museum also features a shaded courtyard by the water, which lowers the temperature outside the building. “The building is the last moment before the mall, so in the hot summer sun it’s a much beloved space,” added the architect.

Aïshti Foundation gave Beirut a new public space

Other examples included the Aïshti Foundation, an art gallery and shopping centre in Beirut enclosed behind a gauze of red aluminium.

Adjaye said he was trying to create a place that could help the city recover from the “incredible trauma fracture” of the Lebanese Civil War with his design. One detail he added was a pool on the building’s rooftop.

Adjaye said his Aïshti Foundation in Beirut was designed to help the city recover from the “incredible trauma fracture” of the Lebanese Civil War

“Since the war, the idea of public space has become very contested – there are military everywhere,” he stated.

“This gauze embraces the multi-programme of the space, he added. “You can find a space that can give you reflection, mind, retail, this idea of wellness.”

Small-scale projects “can be an opportunity”

Even small-scale projects can help to  “reset” cities on some level he said, citing the pavilion he created for the Gwangju Biennale in 2013 as an example.

“Any moment can be an opportunity to go beyond the material excellence of construction,” he said.

The project saw the architect team up with author Taiye Selasi to design and build a public reading room where locals could swap books.

The space, which is “obviously WiFi-ed”, is still a permanent place for people to gather and use. “It has taken on its own life,” said Adjaye.

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What Does Latest Kitchen Interior Designs Mean? – Interior Design Ideas – Interior Home Design

latest kitchen interior designs

Whispered Latest Kitchen Interior Designs Secrets. If choosing to earn a rug the attention of an Asian decor, remember to select the most acceptable fabric for your use. You will find excellent high timber, fiber and different modular layouts on the market. If you discover the perfect combination of style, color, and materials, you can encounter a pair of furniture for your nook area which is modern and lovely.

You don’t call for a Design diploma or a thorough understanding of what’s provided in kitchen remodeling choices. It’s pointless to look for the correct fashion before you even know whether the cupboard will fit in your kitchen. After you own a set of cabinets which are the appropriate dimensions and will adjust a general kitchen interior design based, pick the best office from the choices you’ve got available.

The Downside Risk of Latest Kitchen Interior Designs

Interior design is a difficult job, and the experts here analyzed for a long time to supply services. According to the study, nearly one-third of people throughout the globe are using it to design their property. A lot of kitchens and baths have it yet you’d be surprised by the whole period that’s spent in planning this significant part a construction or remodeling project.

There are several customizable options to produce your kitchen match your requirements. Whenever you decide on a well-made copper hood kitchen merchandise, it’s going to be a smart investment. This kitchen layout has turned into a trademark of the majority of modern families no matter the income.

The Secret to Latest Kitchen Interior Designs

In truth, it’s the most unique feature of contemporary homes. Do not also neglect to get a comfy office chair if it is possible to foresee You will spend a lot of time at your home office. Plus should you upgrade your kitchen you will find you will recover your investment if you choose to market and move home.

Essential Pieces of Latest Kitchen Interior Designs

A thriving design can modulate the caliber and quantity of lighting to attack the users’ physiological and psychological needs. Interior designing is a creative profession that provides technical solutions for any structure to attain a great interior atmosphere. This first job needs the proper understanding of the visual and surrounding enhancement of their inside area.

Colorful, braided area rugs can put in each room of your house for even more nostalgia. So, if you want a stylish kitchen in your home, a modular design is what to do. These appliances play a terrific role in each of the cooking and food preparation in your home.

If your food is excellent, the guest may want to taste that which you’ve made while you’re still busy cooking. The rustic kitchen isn’t simple, nor does that shortage course.

You may ask your designer or house builder about the most recent design. Therefore, you can generate a distinct style statement. Else, there’s a wide selection of wallpaper design to select from in the marketplace

The use of back splash in the kitchen is to maintain the walls from staining. Additionally, such kitchens are a breeze to keep since they produce from materials that are sturdy. Put the sparkle in your kitchen!. While standing on the money counter after picking a substance or waiting for push purchase button on the internet, you’ve got to be sure about it. If you’re going ecological, then select for green color for developing a pure look. It’s an excellent base which gives a significant effect on the overall look and space of the home.

The Latest Kitchen Interior Designs Chronicles

Often it functions as a focal point of the house and a typical spot for relatives and friends to gather for food and entertainment. It is possible to make matters a great deal more comfortable if you’re able to decorate your house with minimalist perspective and you’ll feel far more comfortable and peaceful with your environment. You desire a kitchen which will look all right daily not something that will call for round-the-clock maintenance.

The hardware can give a new look to your furniture. The very first type is the ceramic tile backsplash that’s famous for its durability and versatility. Enjoy all of the benefits of granite backsplashes.

You can include windows and glass doors to provide the mild an opportunity to enter your dwelling. It isn’t always necessary that you’ve got to put up lights of high wattage to be able to add brightness to your kitchen. See the means by which the appliances operate in the area by way of your color scheme.

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3 Holiday Color Schemes to Jazz Up Your Seasonal Decor – Interior Home Design

Is it time to jazz up your holiday color schemes for this season? There is so much more from which to choose than the traditional red and green although it is still a favorite of mine. Unless you work in the design industry, the selection of any ‘color scheme’ is daunting to most, however, I think I can make this easier for you. So, if you’re ready for a change, let’s explore a few delightful color schemes that you might enjoy and use in your home this season.

Jazz Up Your Seasonal Decor • 3 Holiday Color Schemes

Glamorous • Blush Pink • Rose Gold

When I saw this tree, I thought I had walked into a dream! This color scheme starts with a white flocked tree as the base. Add to that the gorgeous, large blush pink silk flowers along with the glass ornaments in blush pink, rose gold, silver, and white. This design is breath-taking yet easy to put together with the three colors of blush pink, rose gold, and white. Surround this dreamy combination with silver, white, and copper room decor for a glamorous design.

Holiday Color Scheme Blush Pink - Rose Gold - White

Image Source

Nautical • Copper • Dark Blue

This is the perfect nautical color scheme in copper, dark blue, and bright white. This green tree is loaded with big ornaments in variating sizes and styles. The colors shine through in the ornaments of gold glass, soft iridescent copper, bright white, along with the stars and snowflakes. This supports a surrounding design of blues, coppers, greys, and natural wood for a fantastic room full of nautical cheer.

Holiday Color Scheme Bright White Copper and Blue

Image Source

Traditional • Silver • Gold

I love trees with big ribbons and this is a great example of ribbon tree decor. This tree is textured with many levels of glittering silver and gold ribbons and ornaments. It sparkles with tiny silver poinsettias tucked generously around the tree. Follow this color scheme all the way through the wrapping of the presents for a truly luxurious and cheerful holiday event.

Holiday Color Scheme Silver and Gold Ornaments

Image Source

Happy Holidays to You & Yours

Holiday Color Scheme Christmas Candle Arrangement

Image Source

Whether you opt for traditional colors or something a little different, it is my wish that you find your inspiration for an amazing holiday color scheme. Moreover, may the colorful season ahead be full of warmth and cheer for you, your family and guests.

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Bathroom Vanity Tops Ideas – an in Depth Analysis of What Works and What Doesn’t – Interior Design Ideas – Interior Home Design

bathroom vanity tops ideas

What is the crowd won’t tell you about the Bathroom Vanity Tops Ideas?. Wall-hung vanities are getting more popular in houses these days on account of their modern appearance, but floor status vanities continue to be the ‘standard’. You need to select a vanity that’s going to produce your bathroom shine with as little effort as possible. If you wish to locate the very best vanities for the bathroom, then make sure to take a peek at where they find online.

Do you enjoy Bathroom Vanity Tops Ideas This could be your smartest option?. Bathroom vanity ideas can split into vanity top and sink. Wall mount vanities are a fairly significant trend. He mounted bathroom vanities are a plus if it comes to a little bathroom.

What to Do About Bathroom Vanity Tops Ideas Before You Miss Your Chance

The setup of a bathroom vanity is essential to earn a bathroom complete. The kind of vanity, sink and cabinet homeowners want to utilize whenever renovating a toilet ought to be affected by the size, shape and desired manifestation of the restroom. It’s wonderful how often bathroom cabinets and storage left from the planning procedure.

Utilizing bathroom vanity lighting fixtures is a considerable step towards achieving your own goal. A bathroom vanity will give a location for each one of those items to proceed. Most bathroom vanities are timber, and while this elastic substance is utilized at the restroom. It’s important to learn to deal with it correctly.

Although this kind of vanity is beneficial in big bathrooms, it can cause crowding if add a little area. Moreover, the vanity has a high choice in which you might pick the countertop as you would like. Also provides lots of ample storage to make it possible for you put many toiletries indoors.

The individual key to radically alter the appearance of your bathroom is a little imagination. The kind of your bathroom plays into the general vibe of a home in a far more significant way than the size of this room would indicate. You should also think about the fashion of the toilet, and the type of the sink that you would like to install.

All About Bathroom Vanity Tops Ideas

The next matter to consider is exactly what it is that you’re likely to do for lighting your bathroom cupboard. Some individuals say that spending some time in the bathroom is essential. Since it can be a chance to replenish lost energy from an excessive quantity of work. There are numerous toilet mirrors sold on the market now.

When it’s to do with interior bathroom design. There is some advice which can help you make it as functional as possible and wind up with a beautifully designed room you may enjoy. Due to the many choices and wide array of programs that might be involved with a bathroom renovation. The standard costs involved are found to vary greatly depending on the budget and style chosen by the homeowner. A lot of people desires to renovate their baths or construct a new custom-made toilet.

Don’t forget that picking the design will also impact the remainder of the bathroom products like the tub and bathroom. The organic elegance of soapstone can make your countertops resonate with each guest who enters your residence.

The first step in decorating your toilet is to understand what will fit.

It is possible to find an excellent thought about what to expect and choose which one is correct for your bathroom. You may not be sure about the sorts of bathroom sinks available, or what’s important to check at while purchasing bathroom sinks. It’s essential to identify who will be using this particular bathroom.

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5 Ways to Spark the Elegance Factor in Your Living Room – Interior Home Design

Do you feel a strong compulsion to increase the elegance factor in your living room? The most expensive and easiest way is to hire an interior designer. However, if that doesn’t fall within your budget, or you want to have a go at interior decorating on your own, take a look at these ideas. Some are more affordable while others require long-term investments. However, there’s sure to be an inspiration below to help you exponentially increase the elegance factor in your living room.

How to Spark an Elegance Factor in Your Living Room

Begin With Basics

Elegant Factor Living Room in Neutral Color Scheme

Image Source

Every artist needs a color palette as the basis to begin the creative process, and the same goes for your living room. You may select neutral colors for the walls and ceilings of white, beige, brown, or grey. One of the best things about a neutral palette is that it allows you to switch up with pops of color in accessories as the seasons come and go.

Elegance Factor Burnt Orange Living Room

Image Source

Alternatively, you could go for a much bolder effect and use dramatic, dark colors for the contrast. Whichever option you choose, remember that there’s more to elegance than a color scheme. So, let’s move on to the next tip to bring more luxury to your home.

Classic Crown Molding

When it comes to the ceilings, there’s a brilliant option in the addition of crown molding because it makes any room look more high-end. It gives an exemplary touch of class to finish the room with this subtle flair. With a wide variety of widths from which to choose, you’re sure to find just the right crown molding to add to your room.

Elegance Factor Crown Molding

Image Source

Warm Hardwood Flooring

The warmth and beauty of hardwood are unsurpassed by any other flooring option. If you want a truly elegant home, then I suggest you consider natural hardwoods for flooring. It’s true that they are quite pricey for some types. However, consider the lifespan of the floor and you’ll see that it easily justifies your initial expense. Moreover, hardwood floors not only beautify your home, but they’re also a nice way to increase your property value.

Elegance Factor Hardwood Flooring

Image Source

I recommend that you go online and research for just the right type of hardwood you want to install as flooring in your home. Cherry hardwood floors are certainly more expensive than those made of oak or birch, but it is possible to find the option to suit you and your wallet. Remember to include a selection of carpets to place around the home to further compliment your hardwood floors

Details of Decor

Elegant or not, every living room has a comfortable sofa, a coffee table, and an armchair or two. You can go for something modern with straight lines, or a more classic sofa with curves. So, start with the basic furniture in your room, then add the details that make the room stand out.

• Pillows

Elegance Factor Pillows Pop of Color

As simple as it may sound, nicely stuffed and arranged pillows that add interest to your room are inviting and comfortable. Pillows and cushions in your living room are a fantastic way to add pops of seasonal color here and there around your room. What could be easier?

• Chess & Game Table

Elegant Factor Chess Set and Table Inlaid Wood

Image Source

Nothing says elegance and high class quite like a chess set carefully placed in your living room. Chess sets make an elegant statement in any room, especially when accompanied by an equally striking table.

• Chandelier

Elegance Factor Chandelier for Luxury Living Room

Image Source

Is there a lighting solution that is more elegant than a chandelier? Whether it be modern or more traditional, chandeliers of any style make a grand statement. They too come in many shapes and sizes, and with a little patience and research, you are bound to find the best one for your living space.

Elegant Window Treatments 

The curtains, shutters, or blinds you select for your window treatment is a great place to enhance the elegance factor of your space. Do the right research for the right drapes or other coverings to suit your windows perfectly.

Elegance Factor Window Curtains

Image Source

There are lots of wonderful, elegant designs out there, so keep searching until you find a unique pattern or color for your living room that brings extraordinary style to its overall look and feel.

Sit Back & Enjoy Your New Decor

I hope you’ve gained some ideas and inspiration from this post. I suggest that you continue to search for the perfect decor solutions for your living room to get the perfect feel and look you desire. Additionally, I wish you the best of creative success as you decorate your elegant living room.

Elegant Factor Happy Family in Living Room

Image Source

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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Caravan – Interior Home Design

There are lots of reasons why people choose to buy a touring caravan. Most love the freedom to just pack up and go whenever they choose. They are also a less expensive way to travel around the country if you compare them to train fares or hotels. Of course, they’re a lot of fun which is probably the real motivating factor for most people.

However, caravans are not inexpensive. So if you want to join the club and become a caravan owner there are a few key things to consider before you take the plunge.

Things to Know to Purchase Your Next Touring Caravan

Pulling the Caravan

Is your car powerful enough to pull a touring caravan? The answer to this question lies in the weight of your vehicle. So first, you have to determine the ‘curb weight’ of the vehicle which is the total mass of the car without luggage or people in it. This figure should be in the owner’s manual.

Touring Caravan with Car

Image Source

Next, check the ‘maximum mass’ of the touring caravan, which might be on a plate near the main door, or on the manufacturer’s website. This figure indicates the maximum weight the caravan can carry when fully loaded. You want to shoot for 85% or less of the car’s weight. If it’s up to 100%, it will be difficult for an inexperienced person to tow. However, if it’s over 100% it shouldn’t be towed at all. If your figures don’t work out favorably, the next step is to consider a bigger car or a smaller caravan.

Ensure Your License Is Valid

The rules on how much you can tow on a standard license vary and that depends on when and where you took your test. Basically, if this was before January 1, 1997, you may drive and tow vehicles up to a total weight of 8.25 tons. If it was after this date the total weight limit is 3.500 kg, otherwise you need a B+E license. However, this information varies so be sure to check with your local authorities for the latest information in your area.

Review the Repair History

Whether you plan to buy from a dealer or through a private owner it pays to do the same thorough checks. If possible, take a friend or relative who currently owns a touring caravan to help you shop. If you don’t know much about them, your friend’s advise might prove to be invaluable to you during this process.

Touring Caravan with Car

Image Source

Here’s a suggested checklist of things that you want to be certain to address before you purchase.

  • If a caravan is sold privately, avoid sellers who want you to view it in a random place. Instead, they should allow you to view it either at their home or in storage (with papers of proof of ownership). When scammers try to sell you a caravan, they will usually park it away from their homes in a random spot, so be aware of this criminal tactic.
  • Damp is a common problem for caravans so check thoroughly for the obvious signs but also look under carpets and around door and windows for broken seals.
  • Check the repair history of the caravan.
  • Look for signs of rusting on the tow bar.
  • Ensure that the caravan is free of any current financing.
  • Be certain that it has a current gas and electrical certificate.
  • Has it been stolen? (Call 020 3282 1000 with the 17 digit identification number of the caravan to check.)

Are You Ready?

So now you should have a better idea as to what it takes to own a caravan. If you’re interested in doing so but don’t quite ready for it, then head over to Maguires Caravan Sales for more information.

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Holiday Lighting Decor • 3 Tips for Warmth & Cheer – Interior Home Design

The effervescence of holiday lighting is all around us this time of year and with it comes the warmth, hope, and cheer of the season. One ancient tradition of light that is still honored by many today is to stay up all night on the Winter Solstice and watch the sunrise.

Holiday Lighting Winter Solstice Sunrise

Image Source

The purpose of this ritual is to honor the end of one season as the sun rises again to warm the earth. So it comes as no surprise that we love to decorate with lights to commemorate religious celebrations and ancient traditions. Here are a few time-honored ways to decorate and celebrate with holiday lighting in your home.

3 Warm & Cheerful Holiday Lighting Suggestions

Bright Light Pendant Stars

Holiday Lighting Bright Light Star Pendants

Image Source

Serve up the warmth of hot cocoa and bright shining stars. Your holiday stars shine brightly with these enchanting pendant lamps with patterned cutouts all around for extra sparkle and pizzaz. These truly bring out the spirit of the season for all who are present to view this spectacular holiday lighting.

Yule Log Center Piece

I love this modern version of the ancient tradition of the Yule Log, for its cheer and also because it’s so easy to make. You simply use a small log with fresh boughs and berries, then add a few candles for a refreshing holiday lighting centerpiece.

Holiday Lighting YuleLog Modern

Image Source

You’ll be delighted with the aromatic essence of the real thing without the fireplace. Of course, if you have a fireplace, then definitely go for the real thing! But, the nice part about a Yule Log centerpiece is that everyone gets to enjoy this ancient tradition regardless of where they live.

Fireplace & Mantle Lighting

I could easily do an entire post on fireplace mantles for the holidays because the variations are endless. Lights on the mantle pierce our hearts with nostalgia in this romantic design. When you pair that with the flickering fire it becomes the most enchanting holiday lights around.

Holiday Lighting Christmas Mantle

Image Source

This fireplace crackles with a bright fire while surrounded by greenery, antique gold, and bright white holiday accessories. With the large white candles atop gold candle holders this fire dancing scene comes to life when the living room lights are turned down.

May Your Holidays be Bright

Holiday Lighting Copper Cups Mulled Wine

Image Source

This only brushes the surface of the myriad of holiday lighting suggestions you’ll find online or in magazines. However, I hope I’ve given you a spark of inspiration for your holiday lighting projects. May this holiday season be the warmest and brightest ever for you, your family, and guests.

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Ramp Up the Shine in Your Home with Interior Metallics – Interior Home Design

Metallics have been used since the beginning of history and play an integral part of our human evolution and advancement over the millennium. Metal decor items with degrees of refinement and finish are found in most modern homes. Metal is an enduring element with which to decorate because it adds its own special warmth and sheen to any room in your home.

Let Your Home Shine with Metallics

Gold Burst MirrorChrome & Glass Table

The statement mirror shines brightly above this room yet blends in nicely with the golds around the room. Brass and crystal hurricane candle holders adorn this gold burst mirror in elegant style. The round mirror is reflected in the round glass coffee table in its gleaming chrome frame.

Metallics Gold Burst Mirror on Fireplace Mantle

Image Source

Hammered Copper Basin

A beautifully hammered copper bathroom basin will be the delight of all your visitors when you install this sink in your guest bathroom. A creamy marble top set against neutral rustic wood walls makes this a marvelous statement of texture. Additionally, the soft matte black finish on the fixtures is a nice contrast to the copper metallic accessories in this room.

Metallics Hammered Copper Sink Basin

Image Source

Metallic Pendant Light Bulb

Bright and dazzling light by day, these pendant light bulbs come to life at night as glittering lights sprinkle throughout the room. These easy to install lights get their power from a battery and they include a hanging hook at the top of the power cord. What could be simpler yet more exciting in bronze, copper, silver, and gold metallics?

Metallics Large Light Bulbs Hanging Pendant Lamps

Image Source

Silvery Winter Bedroom

The winter wonderland aura to this room surrounds the soft greys. Add the soft natural lighting through the softly draped sheer curtains that flow from the ceiling to the floor. The row of trees on a small ledge brings a shimmering element of nature to this design. Add to that a pair of retro-modern lamps with crisp sliver pleats in the shade and this room explodes with wintery style.

Metallics Silver White Contemporary Winter Bedroom

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As you can see, there are so many ways to bring the superior shine of metallics into your home decor. Perhaps this article gives you some contemporary ideas about how to incorporate metallics into your home interior design.

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