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My Modern Dream House Design 2 Floor 2020

My Modern Dream House Design 2 Floor – Minimalist home design does not mean home design where the budget is smaller when compared with home design in general. To realize an attractive and unique design with simplicity, a careful analysis is needed, which of course also requires more expensive costs, as mentioned earlier. However, the benefits should not be doubted.

Now, the need for accommodation that can not be missed is having a minimalist 2-storey home design that is simple and comfortable. When we have not been able to realize a dream home, sometimes making better plans or designs first. Moreover, the house becomes a necessity that must be met.

Maybe now we encounter a lot of contemporary minimalist home designs that are luxurious, spacious with classy furniture. And of course it has a beauty that makes anyone amazed to see it. But, if now you only have a small house and, do not be discouraged. You still have the chance to design a minimalist, simple two-storey house with a modern twist.

The Advantages of Minimalist Home Design

The design of a house with a minimalist type of two floors has several advantages when compared to a minimalist one-story house, namely the number of rooms. Therefore, plan carefully the design of a minimalist two-storey house and consider the basic rules of minimalist design. Of course, without having to eliminate the atmosphere of comfort, aesthetic value, and your characteristics are the first steps that must be done before designing a dream home.

Examples of the Latest Minimalist Home Designs

This time the author is kind enough to provide a review of the latest minimalist home design examples. Which example of this design can be the best inspiration for you. Immediately, following the simple two-storey minimalist home design …

1. Minimalist 2-storey house (Type 36)

minimalist house 2 floors type 36

Minimalist two-story house type 36 does have a limited size of the house. Because, a house with a simple design is devoted to modern residents, but still simple. Minimalist house 2 floors (type 36) is a product derived from a minimalist one-story house (type 36) with a floor that has a main floor area of ​​36 square meters.

Increasing the number of family members is indeed a big problem especially in the capital city. Well, to overcome this minimalist two-story house with type 36 is the solution. The type 36 two-storey house design focuses on exploring material, color, texture, and minimalist exterior and interior appearance. So, this house can become a more modern residence but still comfortable.

When compared with other types of two-storey houses, the cost of a minimalist two-storey house design type 36 is not too expensive. You could say friendly with the bag so that makes it the type with the most enthusiasts. In addition, a house with this design is also very comfortable and provides plenty of wiggle room for anyone who inhabits it. This type also makes it easier for construction workers because building it isn’t too complicated.

2. Minimalist house 2 floors (type 45)

minimalist house 2 floors type 45

The next minimalist house design is two floors of type 45. Which one house design is almost similar to a house of type 36. The difference is in the size of the room where type 45 is more spacious and comfortable.

Minimalist interior and exterior design ideas are needed to enhance your home building to appear more attractive.

In addition, the advantage of minimalist house 2 Floor type 45 is that the price is quite affordable. Yes almost similar.

4. Minimalist house 2 floors 6 × 12

There is something bigger than a minimalist house with a size of 6 × 9, a minimalist 2-storey house design with a size of 6 × 12. Houses with this design usually have a little extra on the back. The goal is also the same as in the design of a 6×9 size house that is to camouflage the appearance of your house to make it look spacious.

5. House Design 2 storey Casa Caja

Did you know that the two-story house of Casa Caja is a house that uses inexpensive materials such as concrete bricks with concrete floors without tiles.

6. Minimalist 2-storey Minimalist House Design

The flat-roofed two-story house design carries the concept of open minimalism. Thus, the minimalist two-storey home design looks beautiful even though it is small in size.

7. House Design 2 Floor Promenade House

The second floor house Promenade House has a super slim home design.

8. House Design 2 Floor Moore Park Residence

Applying the concept of nature is an advantage of the two-story house Moore Park Residence. In addition, the two-story house design is quite small and has a minimalist interior design that utilizes wood elements. The house looks big from the inside, because the distance from the surface of the floor to the ceiling of the house is quite high.


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How to Clean Your House in 7 Steps – Household Cleaning Tips

Having a clean and healthy home is everyone’s dream. But if we are constantly lazy to clean, dust and bacteria that stick to it would be a den of disease. Well, from now on, start diligently cleaning, and you can take a peek at some tips for cleaning the house quickly and effectively.

The mattress that we occupy every day will be filled with dead skin cells and our sweat, this area is a favorite place for germs, fleas and bacteria to gather. Well, hot water works to kill bacteria.

Do it at least every two weeks, which is useful for removing dust and removing mold. Well, it’s about time you routinely and diligently clean the area where we rest.

Clean Wood Floors With Warm Water

Wood flooring does give a warm and natural impression to our homes.

To clean it you must be diligent in sweeping the floor every day with a soft bristled broom. Can also vacuum using a vacuum. And last but not least so that the wooden floor durable, you should mop by mixing wood floor cleaner with warm water.

This is useful to prevent moisture from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

For sponges, soak in hot water mixed with detergent, let stand a few moments and knead when rinsing with water. Bingo! Your rags and sponges are now clean and hygienic!

Clean the Bathroom Wall with Vinegar and Lemon

Let stand again then rinse thoroughly.

Then flush with hot water carefully, then rub with aluminum wire and rinse thoroughly.

Yes, we know how difficult it is to clean dirty dishes after use, especially when we are tired or in a hurry. But did you know? The dishwasher contains 100,000 times more bacteria than bacteria in the bathroom. It’s really scary right? That is why it is better to immediately wash the dishes when used, to avoid bacteria and viruses, and also to keep the kitchen clean and healthy.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Car Stir

Wow, how scary! So do not be lazy to clean it by spraying cleaning fluid on the steering wheel. Let stand a few minutes then wipe using a clean cloth.

Clean the AC Filter

Now, some air conditioners now make it easier for us to open the filter by hand, without the need for equipment. To clean the filter, use a cloth that has been dampened with a little water or suck dust and dirt by using a vacuum cleaner. It’s very simple and you can save on maintenance costs.

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11 Cleaning Tips and Tricks – Easy Home Cleaning Tips In Weekend

When the weekend arrives, it is a call for you to time cleaning the house. But, on the other hand you also want to relax or have a short vacation. Try to do 11 ways to clean this house. Guaranteed there is still time you will get.

If you have entered into Friday surely some of you feel that the weekend aka the weekend will come soon.

Friend 99, there’s nothing wrong with your weekend being used to tidy up the house.

This can make your day off at home more comfortable, you know.

Of course, a neater and better organized home arrangement will add comfort.

How to clean the house right and good?

11 Ways to Clean the House When Weekend Arrives

Provide Storage

Sometimes when you are in a hurry to go to work or take your child to school, you like to put things anywhere.

You should prepare a container that is easy to organize so that it can be arranged neatly and stored in place.

When tidying the corners of a room or a messy room, you can tidy up again.

These clothes should be donated to make it more useful for others.

Select Which Items You Use Often

Separate items that you use frequently.

Also place these items in a place that is easy to find and easy to remember.

So, when you are in a hurry you already know where you usually put the item.

Choose Items in the Home

When tidying the house, you should know everything and think carefully.

See Dirt A Little, Instantly Clean!

When you see disturbing dirt immediately clean it with a broom or floor mop.

You can clean it from the front of the room, around the door, and much more.

Provide Clean Equipment

The first thing you must do so that cleaning activities at home smoothly on weekends is to provide cleaning equipment.

Do not hesitate to invest in the equipment.

The cleaning tools that you have to provide such as brooms, mops, washcloths, cleaning soap, and many more.

Focus on Every Room

How to clean the house from other dust by focusing on each room.

This can make some parts missed.

Try to concentrate only in one room and clean it perfectly first, then move to another room.

Involve the Entire Family to Help

Tips so that you diligently clean the house is to involve the whole family at home to help you.

These are tips that will be able to help you to clean the house faster.

Work that is done together will feel lighter and more quickly completed than done alone.

Make cleaning as part of a lifestyle

A clean house will provide comfort for all family members.

Residents of the house will increasingly feel at home and want to spend more time at home.

Therefore, make cleaning as your lifestyle.

Use cleaning services

If you don’t have a lot of time to clean the house on weekends, just try house cleaning services.

There are currently many applications offering this facility

By using this facility, your house will stay clean and your time will still be useful on weekends.

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Best Minimalist House Design 2020

Here is the latest minimalist home model in 2020!

Minimalist home has indeed become a favorite design of many people.

The proof is, almost in every street and corner of the city, all homes apply a minimalist design.

Now, from the few houses that were built …

… modern minimalist home designs have many types.

Tips for Choosing the Best Minimalist Home Type
Before we look at the types of minimalist home design 2020, let’s know the tips on choosing the right type of home!

It is better if you wisely choose the type of house first before buying the dream dwelling.

Do not regret having legitimately bought a house!

Here’s how to choose the type of house that is important to remember.

Like a small family of 3 people, for example.

Buying a house type 36 or 45 will feel more comfortable compared to type 21 or 120.

Family comfort is something to think about so that the experience of staying at home does not feel bored or restless.

2. Understand the Purpose of Buying a Home
minimalist type of house 2019

Basically, we buy houses for a variety of reasons.

As we already know, house prices are increasingly rising.

Buying a house tipi 24 or 36 is the right idea to get started in the investment field.

The price is still affordable and the building is easy to sell so the benefits that you can get later will be more.

4. Thinking about Home Location
After steady thinking about the two points above, now is the time you think about the location of the house.

Many things you must respond to.

Second, pay attention to the places around the house, whether close to important buildings such as major roads, hospitals, police stations, or department stores.

Houses that are located close to several places above (strategic) will feel more comfortable and safe.

In addition, the price will be more expensive over time so that it can be a savings in the future.

5. Thinking about the Future of Home
minimalist type of house 2019

If you can, think about how far you can develop the house.

In addition to safety factors, the appearance of the house would not be unsightly.

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How to Easy Ceklist 2 Hour House Cleaning Plan

How to change the atmosphere of the house more attractive and comfortable within 2 hours? You only need motivation and concentration to do it. Let us prepare for the battlefield against dust and dirt.

Preparation to clean the house

Turn on the radio or play your favorite music so that you can be more enthusiastic about cleaning. Wear clothes for the house, then prepare a vacuum cleaner, feather duster, broom and wet cloth.

put all the scattered objects as they should

Keep all small objects (pens, hair clips, etc.) and large objects (clothing, furniture, etc.) in their place. Don’t hesitate to throw it away and don’t think you will need it someday.

Clean the family room

This is where the occupants of the house mingle with their guests. So try to keep this room looking clean. Do not forget to clean the floor under a table or chair, also between the furniture. Clean the sofa carefully according to the ingredients. If the couch is upholstered, clean it by smoking it. Use a special cream for leather couches to make it look sleek. Roll the carpet and clean the floor underneath. If you are lazy to wash it, you can take it to the laundry.

‘Fighting’ in the kitchen

The kitchen is a battlefield where the most formidable enemies hide. You can also use environmentally friendly natural cleansers to get rid of mild stains, which are a solution of baking soda and vinegar or lemon.

Build peace in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place where the body and mind find peace. Clean the dust from the table, window sills and other furniture with a wet cloth or vacuum cleaner. When your bedroom looks like new, light a aroma therapy candle to help you calm down.

Bathroom without water

Clean the glass and mirror so that you can look at yourself in it. One way to keep the bathroom away from moss is to dry it from water when not in use.

Don’t forget the park

Don’t forget to clean the front or back garden. Mop the floor on the porch and clean the path from moss.

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10 Secret Ways Clean Your House and Tidy Every Time

In addition to cleaning regularly every day, actually there are tables of special tricks that can increasingly present a clean, neat house every day. Come on, find out 10 tips on clean house secrets every time.

Focus on the Little Things

So, instead of you busy sweeping and wiping the floor but not paying attention to objects lying in the house, it’s good to create a clean house starting from the details of the room first.

Clean Houses Start with Clean Habits

Clean homeowners will not wait until the house looks messy and then tidy it up. On the contrary, a clean house is a business that is carried out continuously, not only by individuals, but also all family members who live in the house. Therefore, also involve your spouse and children in bringing a clean house together.

Creating clean habits sounds simple, but it is the most effective key. Starting from routines such as cleaning the bed when waking up, wiping the sink after use, to tidying things before leaving the room is an awareness that must be fostered so that the house is clean every time is not just a dream.

cleaning while walking both inside and outside the house

Almost the same as creating good habits in creating a clean house, you also need to have a mindset to always clean in every activity in the house. Do not wait until the surface of the table or sink is full or dirty and then cleaned, continue to apply a clean-up session after a move in the house.

Avoid unnecessary collections

Compare with a clean house that is always roomy.

Besides being able to have a clean house, you will also be able to save more money.

Focus on each room

It takes as sharp an eagle focus when cleaning every room so that a clean house at any time can be created. Thus, you can concentrate perfectly and not to lose focus.

Ready to Discard Objects

For the sake of creating a clean house, do not hesitate to get rid of things that are no longer functioning properly or are no longer needed.

Have a clean-up weapon

Clean house owners will definitely have a more complete and far more complete collection of cleaning tools. Starting from brushes, multifunctional cloths, to special cleaning liquids for the most stubborn stains, it’s a good idea to create the most complete cleaning tools.

You will certainly also be proud to have cleaning equipment like a professional

reduce and minimize unused paper

In addition to placing important documents in the archives, you should also turn to paperless techniques that are more environmentally friendly and effective for clean homes.

Prepare a Drawer / Temporary Room

Nothing can be perfect in creating a clean house.

This can be a drawer on a television rack or a large bamboo basket with a special lid to a small garage room in the corner of the house. If you are good at choosing baskets, baskets can also be used as decorative elements. If time is urgent, put all items in this drawer or basket to create a clean house instantly. But remember to clean the drawer again.

Use cleaning services

Many use the services of household assistants to daily cleaning services so that clean homes welcome your return after you are tired of working.

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How to Clean the Air in Your Home Easily

Here are some ways that you can use when cleaning your air conditioner at home, the explanation is as follows:

Use Perfume Cleaner, Duster, And Wipe To Clean The AC Filter
You can use a vacuum cleaner, feather duster, and dry cloth to help you clean the air conditioner at home.

Clean the front cover of your air conditioner with a feather duster beforehand to all the outside.

Then you must find a guide on how to open and also clean the filter section, and read it carefully before you can understand it well. If you understand correctly, clean the dust lodged in the AC filter by using a vacuum cleaner. You can also do it using a clean small brush. Well, the process can be done according to your convenience, a vacuum cleaner or brush is the same.

Next wash the AC filter section by using clean water and dish washing soap. After that, all you have to do is lean the filter against the outside wall of the house exposed to direct sunlight, to get maximum drying results.

Clean The Evaporator Coil And Fan
You can buy a liquid that is used for cleaning air conditioners in department stores or the like which is usually available in the form of sprays to make it easier for users. Because the evaporator coil section and also the fan is permanently attached to the inside of the air conditioner.

So it requires a level of accuracy and diligence from you so that later when spraying can be right to the intended target. Well besides that, you also need to do the flooring on the bottom wall of the air conditioner and also the floor of your air conditioner. (Also read: how to install CCTV at home)

The thing to remember in spraying is to follow the method of use correctly so as not to damage the components of your air conditioner. (Also read: how to eradicate a spider)

Clean the Outdoor Unit
No need to worry too much when you are faced with a situation that requires you to clean the air conditioning unit that is outside. In general, people feel hesitant to clean the air conditioning units that are in the outdoor and only clean the air conditioning units that are indoors.

Do not hesitate when you spray pressurized water toward the outdoor unit because the part has been designed so that the water does not easily enter the interior of the system that is directly related to electricity.

Spraying is useful for removing dust and dirt lodged in the unit. Therefore it is very necessary to spray with a little pressure to maximize the process of removing stubborn dirt.

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How to Clean the Air in Your Home With These 5 Plants

Activities from home throughout the day requires fresh air. Good air quality can improve mood and productivity. You can create good air by placing a number of greenery at home.

Seeing greenery in between activities can also refresh the eyes and increase productivity.

Here are 5 green plants that can clean the air at home.

The tongue-in-law is known as a plant that can absorb pollution and replace it with oxygen.

Caring for the tongue-in-law is also fairly easy because it does not need to be frequently watered frequently.

Simply place the aloe vera in a window or location with enough sunlight to be able to photosynthesize properly.

Elephant ear flower – Elephant ear flower or Flamingo Lili has a unique flower shape. Quoted from BHG, elephant ear flowers can live in a room with humid conditions such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Lili Paris Paris lilies, known as Spider plants or Chlorophytum comosum, can be an alternative green plant at home. Quoted from the Health Line, paris lilies can clean the air in the room properly.

The many leaves make this plant also absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants effectively.

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Come on, Know How to Easy Ways Caring Your Home Floor According to Material

Choosing home flooring material is indeed a pleasant process, especially when thinking about the final appearance of a home interior.

Understand more deeply about the character of the material for the floor and see tips and tricks for caring for the floor of the house in accordance with the following material.

Ceramic Tiles home floor of glossy white ceramic tiles in a kitchen room

Ceramic tile material is one of the materials for the most practical home flooring in terms of maintenance. Just being swept and mopped every day is enough to keep it clean. No wonder the ceramic tile is the most favorite choice for the house floor.

However, you also need to brush the ceramic joints or grout occasionally.

Natural Marble or Granite Stone
marble floors in the kitchen with a kitchen set

Almost similar, the difference between ceramics and granite is the maintenance and installation. But for those who want a luxurious and elegant look on the floor of a house, marble and granite can be an option. However, the porous nature of these two materials makes it requires extra care when compared to the previous flooring material.

First, make sure the marble and granite floor of the house is free from standing water. Do not forget to also provide extra coating on marble and granite to provide additional protection on the floor of the house. If necessary, re-coating regularly.

Parquet Wood
the floor of a white parquet in an open space between the dining room and the living room

Wood parquet flooring is known to be able to give a warmer and more homey impression.

In addition to making sure the parquet flooring stays dry, when mopping the floor, make sure you use a damp cloth that isn’t too wet.

furniture leg protectors on the floor of
Parquet floors are also vulnerable to sharp and easily scratched surfaces. So, it’s a good idea to provide extra protective rubber on all your furniture and avoid moving furniture by being dragged or pushed, but raised, to avoid scratching and damaging the floor of the house.

the floor of a house made of wood vinyl in the kitchen room

the floor of a blue carpet in the living room with

So, always make sure the carpet is dry by cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner regularly. If necessary, clean the mites with a special vacuum regularly.

Although complicated, routine maintenance of the house floor is actually a simple thing that should not be underestimated. With good and proper care, your home floor material will certainly be more durable and its beauty will be maintained to support the interior appearance of the house.

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8 How to Clean House Fast and Easy

The Right Way to Clean the House You Need to Apply

Not only is it pleasing to the eye, a clean home can also make the occupants healthier and stress free. So that the house is always neat, cleaning of course must be a routine activity. But do you know how to clean a house that is good and effective?

Apply how to clean this house

Clean the washing machine
Not only sweeping and mopping, washing machines also need to be cleaned.

Cleaning the house is not just sweeping and mopping. Some of the following things you need to understand and do so that your residence is truly free from germs:

Starting from the laundry room

Try to look at the room where you wash clothes. If so, clean it immediately before the germs spread further!

Automatic, washing machines can become a den of germs. Therefore, the engine must be cleaned regularly.

Pay attention to the bedroom area
The bedroom area is an important part of a good way to clean the house.

You need to change the sheets more often if you often sleep with pets and snack on the mattress.

Fix the living room
The family room includes a favorite hangout for germs at home.

If you want an effective way to clean your house, pay attention to objects in the family room that are often held by many people. Ranging from telephones, television remotes, desks, and more.

These objects must contain various germs. Clean everything at least once a week with disinfectant wipes so it doesn’t become a nest of microbes.

Do not forget, always clean up food crumbs or spilled drinks scattered on the floor or furniture with a broom.

Clean the washing machine
Door handles need to be cleaned because they are often held by many people
Don’t forget the door handles and banisters
Door handles and banisters are often missed in cleaning the house. In fact, both are also often touched by many people, so that the fastest spread of germs.

Clean the door handles and banisters once a week with a cleaner that contains a disinfectant. If there are members of your family who are sick or your house is having many guests, clean it more often.