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Painting Ideas, How To Paint A Room & Interior Design Tips

Usually the questions are just like that. You need to talk about “Sometimes the style of our house will be painted later?” Well, it turns out that when painting walls there are also styles you can apply to your future home. Now, rather than curious about the style, let’s look at techniques to paint an inspiring wall so that your future home is more okay.

Imagine not painting the wall by flushing your walls with various colors of paint? The result is like this. Abstract but handsome

Of course, with a variety of colors of paint, not just white. The results are definitely cool and even if someone tries the same technique, the results will never be different.

Make a pattern or patterns when painting walls, now there is this kind of technology. You make various patterns for finishing your walls to make it more pictorial

But, if you don’t have expertise, you can rely on tools. So that your walls look more pictorial, you can use this kind of tool to make it easier for you to get picture patterns.

Paint the walls with cloth or rolls of fabric can make your walls more rich in texture. For example like this

By pressing the cloth into the wet paint, you can get the texture according to the fabric folds.

Let your walls look more artistic, make a trace of your life, your family, and your friends by making your hands stamped on the wall

So that your house feels more alive, you can use your hands or invite the people closest to you to make their hands stamped on the walls of your house. Aside from being a memory, your wall will look more unique. If you miss you, you can see the palms of the people closest to you. Betewe, there are also footprints in the picture.

Make a stencil on the wall? Not bad. Besides the results are definitely neat, no need to pay a reliable painter

Guaranteed the results are not playing games, and no less than experts.

Using a flattened brush can enrich your walls with a texture that will feel really strong when you touch it

Usually the walls when touched are smooth, but with this technique, your walls won’t feel flat. Only by repeatedly pressing the paint that is still wet with a flattened brush, you can get the texture like in the picture.

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