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Painting, Wall Art Sculpture, Artprint Canvas or Art Frame Choice for Decoration

Not only paintings, sculpture wall art, canvas prints or art frames can be an option for wall art decoration

You can fill it with light accessories such as wall clocks, family photos, or with art.
Generally when we talk about artwork for wall decoration, the most common and popular is the art of wall art paintings. But actually wall art / wall art is not just painting.

1. Wall art sculpture / 3D

Sculptures are generally 3-dimensional works of art and have volume. But in reality, this term is rather wide and many make the statue as a term in referring to 3D wall art decoration placed on the wall, called the sculpture wall art.

Wall art sculpture like this can be made from various materials. For example in the example of the Spasium project above, this sculpture wall art is made of iron which is formed in such a way as to fill the wall area. Can also be made of metal materials such as brass, copper, bronze, or from a combination of various media such as resins and other materials.

2. Wall artprint

Is a type of art that uses digital media in the form of print on paper, canvas, metal, wood, glass, and others. Many terms are used to refer to this type of art, including artprints, art canvas, art frames, art paintings, print paintings, and others.

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