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Park Pergola Designs Are Unique And Diverse

So that the home garden area appears more attractive and attractive, there are many additional elements that can be applied. There are paths, fish ponds, make gazebos to create beautiful garden pergola designs. But this time, we will discuss about the garden pergola design which turned out to be unique and various models. Like what, unique and diverse designs of this garden pergola? Come on, find the answer in the following inspiring article!

Beautiful garden pergola design full of plants
Maybe it still sounds strange in your ears about pergola. However, in fact the design of a garden pergola filled with beautiful greenery like this, has been widely applied in homes, you know!

Designed in the form of column-beams, the beautiful vines spread beautifully throughout the columns and the roof of the pergola above, able to create a beautiful and shady atmosphere in the dwelling.

But buddy, too, can choose the type of flower plants to provide an interesting accent to the design of the garden house pergola, like the example of inspiration above.

Garden pergola design models that use curtains make the atmosphere more comfortable
If you really have a hobby, relaxing in the garden of the house, of course using a garden pergola design model that has a curtain, it will definitely make you more comfortable! Moreover, it is equipped with soft cushions that further pamper your leisure activities in this pergola.

Of course, with a garden pergola design model that uses curtains, you can feel the level of comfort that is far more leverage, compared to the design of the pergola without curtains..

Let it be even more fun if you hang out in the afternoon while snacking on cookies and drinking tea ~

The most that can be done to make the shape of the pergola appear creative is by adding curtains on the roof of the pergola or growing vines around the columns and roofs of the pergola. And it looks so unique and very diverse, here!

There are also those who apply a geometric pergola design model, with folded curtain accents like the following inspiration.

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