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Permata Qolbu Mosque, Modern Stylish Mosque Architecture

Mosque as a place of worship, should be made as comfortable as possible.

But even so, the beauty and physical appearance of the mosque should also be considered.

Located in Jakarta, this mosque looks charming with a unique design that is different from some mosques in Indonesia.

Because the mosque’s architectural design applies a modern contemporary style that is still quite rare to use in the mosque.

Located in the Permata Mediterania housing complex, the mosque, which began construction in 2013, has the characteristics of large columns that stand out and are insulated.

The dominating white color is one of the characteristics of contemporary style on the motifs on each side of the wall.

In addition, at the entrance to the mosque is also surrounded by charming barriers.

So that further adds to the impression of the contemporary style of this mosque.

Overall this beautiful mosque has a shape that resembles the shape of the fingers praying.

Large pillars whose symmetry forms are slightly tilted with white that surrounds the entire building, making the exterior appearance or facade of the Permata Qolbu Mosque look more majestic, sturdy, charming, sacred and has a unique and different character design.

The exotic, luxurious and elegant impression was undeniably emanating from the yellowish glowing lamps placed on the sidelines of the wall bulkhead.

Charming and very modern right?

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