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Because the park is important to maintain air quality in a dwelling, especially for those who live in urban areas.

So that Buddy  knows more, is there a list of different types of parks that can be applied to a dwelling?

Various types of parks based on their location Different types of home garden can be seen from where it will be placed, Friend !

For this type of home garden that is placed in the house, is as a solution to overcome the damp and hot conditions of the house.

So there is usually an innercourt or dry garden which helps to restore air quality in the dwelling.

And this kind of innercourt concept park can also be designed by making a collage, which contains water plants on it.

Various types of gardens based on fill ornaments A garden is surely filled with various ornaments or elements, right ?!

There are grass, rocks, park benches, and of course a variety of greenery, flowers and trees.

Well, it turns out that various types of parks can also come from ornaments or filler elements.

There is a large, lush and cool garden, because it is filled with lots of greenery, flowers and trees, like the following!

Vertical garden types for limited residential land For small type houses, do not forget the existence of the park.

So that fresh air from plants can make, the quality of the air inside the shelter of   to be healthier!

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