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Prepare This at the Facade for Christmas!

Usually before Christmas, the most important thing to prepare is the Christmas tree with various ornaments.

But have you prepared a facade, aka the exterior of the house?

Here it is, how many ornaments can be prepared to decorate your residential facade.

Preparing a residential facade with fun ornaments Many people think that if the Christmas celebration arrives it only needs to prepare a Christmas tree.

Even though there are so many knick-knacks that must also be prepared.

One of them is to decorate the front of the dwelling, aka the facade of the house, by preparing Christmas ornaments.

Christmas ornaments can be decorated with cute lanterns inspired by the above style.

Snow white expanse seen on the road to the entrance of the house, making the Christmas atmosphere increasingly felt, yeah!

Just try it in Indonesia there is snow, hehehe. . .

But this time this ‘garland’ will be used to decorate post boxes that are outside the home.

All you have to do is circle it on the fence, then it will look beautiful and sweet in the style of Christmas!

Do not forget to hang wreath on the main door In addition to garland decoration, preparing a wreath hanger on the main door of the residence when the Christmas celebration arrives is also a must, you know!

The problem is with the wreath decorations at the front door of the house, the impression of Christmas feels more special.

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