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Ranging from Lanterns to Fountains, These 10 Best Garden Decoration to Beautify Houses

Park in front or back of the house can be a place to release stress or stress. If you add a unique garden decoration, of course this area makes you more comfortable enjoying leisure time.

To decorate a garden, you can first make a decoration concept.

You can decorate a Japanese pavilion-style garden, a bamboo garden, or the addition of a waterfall.

After making the decoration concept, the next step is to buy various garden decorations.

The garden decoration you buy must be adjusted to the area of ​​the park.

Reporting from various sources, the following garden decoration recommendations that you can choose.

Garden Decoration Recommendations
Ceramic Pot
For plant lovers, you can choose ceramic pots to decorate the sides of the garden.
There are many types of unique and funny pots that can enhance the appearance of your home garden.
It is recommended that you use several ceramic pots with bright uniform colors to display a fresh and modern feel.

Twinkling light
Twinkling lights can add a romantic impression in the home garden.
If you turn it on in the afternoon until the evening, of course this decoration will make the home garden look beautiful.
Twinkling lights also make the park comfortable to hang out with friends.

Hanging Pot
garden decoration
Garden decoration in the form of hanging pots are widely used in narrow home gardens.
Hanging pots on patio walls makes a small garden look fresher with the presence of plants.

In addition, you can also put white coral to decorate your home entrance.

Minimalist Bamboo Fountain
This one garden decoration is suitable to be placed in a narrow park.
Even though the garden at home is small, you can still feel the sound of water splashing that brings a rustic feel.
The sound of water splashing is also believed to be a natural stress reliever, you know.

You can use a small hedgerow in a home garden.
In addition to beautifying the garden, this fence also gives the impression that you are protecting plants in a home garden.

Garden lamp
Garden lights enhance the appearance of the park, especially in the afternoon until the evening.
The light from the lights will highlight the decoration of the garden and other plants that are in the park, so that it looks beautiful at night.
There are various sizes of garden lights.
To choose garden lights, you must adjust the needs and size of the park.
If the home garden is narrow, it is advisable to choose a small garden light.
Choose lights that do not consume too much electricity in your home.

Tables and chairs
Choose a small table and chairs as a place to relax in the garden.
If the garden is small, a set of tables with chairs made of stainless is enough as a place to relax with friends.

garden decoration
Another alternative to making the home garden more beautiful at night is to add lanterns to the park.
The light from the lantern will highlight the plants and other garden decorations at night.

Fountain Sculpture
To add a fresh impression to the park, you can put a fountain sculpture in the middle or side of the pond.

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