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Recommended Tips and Tricks for House Cleaning

After installing Wallpaper on the wall of a house or apartment, surely in your mind the question arises. How do we care for and clean Wall Wallpapers to keep them durable and beautiful to look at. After successfully installing Wall Wallpaper on the walls of our house or apartment, another question arises. When we compare with wall paint, cleaning and caring for a Wall Wallpaper requires extra attention. You don’t need to rush to contact a handyman or technician to do all that, we can do it ourselves in a relatively easy and hassle-free way.

Or you can do maintenance or cleaning Wallpaper Wall regularly, for example, once a month. And, before you decide to clean Wall Wallpaper in your home, pay attention to the things that are most important so that the Wallpaper Wall is kept clean and maintained for a long period of time. There are quick and easy actions to clean Wall Wallpaper.

Use detergent or soap powder if stubborn stains stick to the Wallpaper Wall. What needs to be observed, clean with clean water after rubbing.

But there are other ways that we can safely use to clean wallpaper, such as:

Chicken feathers or we know feather duster, serves to clean the Wallpaper Wall from dry dust attached. For more leverage you can use a feather duster or sniffer structure or electrostatics fabric so that dust is easily lifted.

Tape. This device is used to remove dust or stains that stick like fingerprints or feathers from your pet. But what you need to know is not to use sticky tape with high adhesion or stickiness that will make the Wall Wallpaper broken.

Lemon juice is useful for cleaning stains on Wallpaper Walls such as liquid foodstuffs (soy sauce, used drinks, etc.) or other impurities that are difficult to clean with plain water. Mix lime juice with warm water, rub gently with a sponge. Dry with a dry cloth or towel.

Be careful when cleaning using a lot of water so as not to wet the Wallpaper Wall, so that the walls and Wallpaper Wall are not moist. Wallpaper Walls that damp with time will mushroom and break easily. Be aware of the state of the walls and Wallpaper Wall at home to stay durable and the beauty of the house more awake.

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