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References Crazy Rich Asian, Indonesia’s Luxury Homes

The popularity of Crazy Rich Asian film in 2018 has become an interesting phenomenon throughout the world. Everything related to wealth, wealth and even property assets of the Crazy Rich Asian in the real world was discussed in detail. Even to the point that many Indonesians are really curious, like what is the model or condition of Crazy Rich Asian style luxury homes in the real world. Or even looks ten times more luxurious, than illustrated in the film?

Bali, is the center of the existence of crazy rich asian-style mansions
Apparently a series of luxury homes as seen in the Crazy Rich Asian film, can be found in the Bali region, you know! Yes, that’s all, of course, because Bali is a gathering place for conglomerate children, to invest their property assets, for example, luxury homes below!

Luxurious house in the Uluwatu area
Rare Cliffs Luxury House located in Bukit Bukit Bali has a building area of ​​375 m². This house is located close to the famous Uluwatu Temple, offers breathtaking sunset views and is on the location of a billionaire property line. With views of the sunset, an infinity swimming pool overlooking the sea and with access to a private beach.

This luxurious house built on 4,500 m2 of land is often used for wedding processions. In addition to weddings, this property has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large parking area and a unique infinity swimming pool very close to the front cliff.

Still in the Uluwatu area, there are luxurious homes that are also charming
There is another, reference to the Crazy Rich Asian style luxury house that could be considered by Rooang friends to build a house, you know! This 1,100 m² house is located on Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Uluwatu, Bali has 8 rooms with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Built over three levels on 16 plots and located in a high-class private villa community. This house has the best view because it can see the ocean and mountains. Close to many beautiful resorts Alila Uluwatu, Anatara, and Karma beach Club.

This luxury house is priced at 36,664,650,000 rupiah

This luxury home consists of the largest private swimming pool in Bali, Latitude makes waves for a luxurious atmosphere and spectacular views. The house also spoiled its guests with 6 luxury bedroom suites, master rooms, pool suites and 4 search suites, to entertain 12 guests with luxury and luxury privacy. The award-winning Latitude design, iconic architecture and luxury accommodations continue to make it one of the most extraordinary experiences in Bali, with a 36-meter infinity swimming pool and jacuzzi seamlessly blending into the blue horizon and the blue ocean of the outer sea.

Buddy can also enjoy playing golf on one of the world class golf courses or paragliding on the cliffs of the resort, which is only 80 meters above Timbis Beach near this Crazy Rich Asian mansion. And the price for this luxury villa is priced at 44,367,930 rupiah per night

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