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Restaurant with Classic House Concept

The concept of a place to eat with the atmosphere of the past that impressed the classic did have a different impression and make people amazed with success.

Especially if the atmosphere of the restaurant is presented with a successful home concept that makes visitors more comfortable and feel comfortable there.

Like OmahSae, which comes with the concept of a classic style restaurant.

Located in Surabaya, OmahSae comes in a vintage concept complete with antique ornaments displayed in the restaurant.

So that makes visitors feel more comfortable, comfortable and like returning to the past.

Comfortable Homey atmosphere at OmahSae Entering the restaurant area, you will be greeted with a home atmosphere that is so calm and comfortable.

The combination of white wall paint with tile floors typical of old houses, maybe will bring our memories to the old houses owned by our grandparents.

Especially with the choice of chairs and tables brown wood material that has a natural impression.Reinforce the impression of a vintage and room comfort.

Impression of Javanese nuances is also presented through the room decoration with various accents of wayang-themed wall decorations and some old Surabaya City photos.

Because the concept is made like a home, so Omah Sae also has quite complete facilities such as toilets and prayer rooms.

Considering the cleanliness and comfort of visitors, including the main things that are really considered.

If you want a more private room, you can use the VIP Room provided.

Mini Boutique Clothing by Verlita Evelyn One of the unique things of Omah Sae is that there is a mini boutique there.So that in addition to enjoying food, visitors can also see the clothes and buy them.

Serving Home-Based Foods That Tastes Taste In accordance with the concept that wants to present a comfortable place to eat like eating at home, Kevin as the owner of OmahSae also added, “Food and beverage menus served at OmahSae are also typical Javanese culinary menus with the taste of home cooking”.In addition, there are also Soto Ayam, Fried Rice, Tofu Egg, Ice Mix, and various other menus.

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