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Scandinavian-style minimalist shelves with sturdy metal frames

When placed outside the home, not only is the design elegant and concise, the material made of metal and ceramics is clearly more sturdy and durable.

Bookshelves you can use for a collection of plants in the room

Not only for book enthusiasts, this versatile shelf can be used to organize plants in the house. Compact, neat, and pleasing to the eye. If you open it like this, you will definitely be triggered to arrange it well so that it is pleasing to the eye.

Like an ornamental plant shop
As a counterweight, the owner of this plant collection puts some cool lights in between these adorable plants. If there is such a cool spot at home, it seems like you don’t need to bother looking for cool backgrounds for photos or video conferencing.

If you want to put it outside the room, you should place it on a shady terrace to keep the shelf durable.

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Juggling the sink into a timeless plant rack
This stone sink can be transformed into a shelf for plants. No need to be painted, keep the original natural colors that are artsy. To avoid moss and fungus attacks, spray with special ingredients that you can make from vinegar or disinfectants.

Urban jungle really impressed
This kind of room design is actually not new, it is currently a trend and certainly has a lot to decorate your social media timeline. You do this by putting wood and rattan furniture, plus a rack containing a variety of living plants that create a cool atmosphere. The contrast of the color of wood with green leaves is indeed therapeutic, yes.

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