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The part of the roof of the house that in fact can be used as a garden house, it turns out you can meet in a house. This house in the New York area, apparently applies a unique home garden design in the attic area as a form of greening. Definitely want to know right, what kind of design this unique home garden design? Here, the explanation is for all of you, listen carefully.

The unique home garden design is a focal point in this former industrial building
Located in New York, precisely at Tribeca, Andrew Franz Architect designs a residential area of ​​approximately 280 square meters.

This residence is on the top floor of a caviar building in 1884. Of course, inside this residence there are various entertainment zones and it is also connected to its outdoor environment.

Well, the unique home garden design that is inside this building becomes an attractive focal point in residential.

The details of wooden decorations in the garden area make it interesting
Display a unique home garden design with the presence of a full wood material on the floor and floor.

Because it is located on the roof of the house and outside the room, the selection of the type of wood must be strong and durable from the onslaught of heat and rain. So the use of wood material can also be balanced with the use of synthetic grass and natural stone. And to beautify the shape of the unique home garden design, the addition of brightly colored flower plants.

The former industrial buildings look very attractive
This residence is designed by relocating a sun-exposed mezzanine area inside with an open and closed glass roof that is connected to the roof garden above.

The roof made of glass let natural lighting into the house. At night the outdoor area on the roof becomes a source of natural lighting which illuminates the attic below.

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