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See 5 Tips for Arranging This Minimalist Style Room!

Minimalist housing is arguably the favorite type targeted by millennials today. In addition to not setting a price that is too expensive, minimalist culture is also now increasingly familiar because it is more practical and efficient.

But if you intend to have a minimalist dwelling means we need to sharpen the brain to outsmart how to organize a narrow space.

Well, this article will present tips that will be very useful for minimalist housing

Use a folding table

Create or buy a folding table that effectively saves space, apply the use of this folding table in various places, ranging from bedrooms, dining rooms, to the living room. You can also use a folding table in the sink so that it can double into a place to iron the clothes at once.

Put a large glass
The reflection of the glass will give the impression of a spacious room.

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Match color dominance
So that it doesn’t look too splendid, avoid painting various sides in different colors. The dominance of the narrow room with matching colors, so that the whole room can be seen with relief and spacious. If you already use matching colors, you are free to determine the feel of the room, dark or bright.

Dispose of items that are not used and do not regret it too much if it takes up space. Also avoid using too many furniture accessories at home, just display a family photo and some important moments to give the impression of aesthetic but still concise.

Complete multifunctional furniture
Whatever items can be combined, then create it. Storage boxes can also be transformed into chairs, you know. Minimalist impression will be created along with the increasing number of multifunctional furniture in your home.


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