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Simple And Easy Home Cleaning Tips That You Need To Know

Cleaning the house becomes an important task for everyone who wants to have a healthy home. However, sometimes cleaning is rarely done because there is no free time, especially for people who are busy working morning and night.

Generally, they clean the house on weekends. If indeed the time available is not enough, then there are several ways to clean the house with a very short time, namely:

Start cleaning from the most messy room

This method is suitable for people who do not have much free time. Starting from the bedroom which generally looks messy, continues to the dining room and kitchen, then clean the living room. By starting to clean the most messy room will lighten and facilitate us in cleaning the house quickly and quickly.

Clean the important things

How to clean the house with the next short time is to clean the essentials. For example by washing dishes, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor and cleaning the bedroom. These three activities are important things to do to make the house look neat, although not entirely.

Do not store or pile dirty clothes.

It is better to avoid piling dirty clothes because it will only add homework. If necessary, wash clothes every day and avoid washing clothes once a week.

Clean the dust

Cleaning the dust is a way to clean the house which is only done in a short time, which is less than 15 minutes. Clean the dust with a feather duster to clean the frame and other home displays. To clean the table and glass, use a cloth rag that has been sprayed with disinfecting liquid so the results look clean.

Open house windows every morning

This is done to facilitate the circulation of air so that the exchange of dirty air with clean air occurs. Sunlight that enters through the window of the house can kill bacteria and germs that are in the house.

Cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is a room that needs to be and is very important to be cleaned. Cleaning the bathroom with a short time can be done by spraying disinfecting liquid first on the toilet and bathroom floor.

Some time later, clean using a bathroom brush from the toilet to the bathroom floor and wall. Spraying disinfectant and leaving it for a few minutes can lighten the cleaning of the bathroom in a short time because the disinfecting liquid will work by itself.

Clean the house at the same time, meaning that if you are cooking and see that there are dishwashing dishes that have not been washed, then you can do it simultaneously while waiting for cooked dishes, especially boiled dishes.

After the guest has left, he can continue.

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