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Small Bathroom Interior Design

The atmosphere of a comfortable and clean bathroom will certainly affect the mood. Hence, bathroom design has a very big role!

No need to be too big, even a small bathroom can be comfortable if you arrange it properly. For reference to small bathroom designs, you can check below!

Use Bright Colors

Bright colors like white can indeed make a small room look more spacious. Therefore, if you feel the bathroom in your house is rather small, use light colors! Optimizing the use of windows can also help, you know.

Touch of Marble Wall for a Luxurious Impression

Want to make your small bathroom look luxurious? Certainly can! You can decorate a wall area with marble motifs like this. So as not to seem excessive, you can add wood motifs on several sides.

Monochrome style

Black and white monochrome colors are increasingly being liked. The design of your small bathroom can look more attractive with patterned ceramics like this for the floor. You can display the impression of ‘vintage’ in the middle of a modern monochrome atmosphere!

Take advantage of the Blank Wall

Because of its size which is not large, you have to make the best use of all parts of this bathroom. On the top wall of an empty WC, you can make shelves like this for use as a storage area.

Put together with the Laundry Wash Area? Can!

If you are also like this, you can put the washing machine under the sink. Storage area beside the washing machine can be used to store dirty clothes or new towels.

Beautify with Greenery

The presence of green plants makes the atmosphere feel more comfortable and fresh. If you mind taking the time to care for it, you can just use fake plants! You can place plants in the sink area or storage area.

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