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Small House Solutions: Design Dining Room & Kitchen So 1

The following provides 10 inspirational dining room and kitchen designs in order to maximize the area.

The dining table is a box which coincides with the kitchen top table
Even though you are in the apartment, your kitchen and dining room can still look magnificent. Use a green color that looks fresh and friendly to welcome guests. To maximize the area in the apartment, the dining table can be designed together with the island table, even with the connecting table leg design.

Use a mirror as a wall treatment, because this material is able to create the illusion of a space that looks bigger. And one of the important keys to apartment kitchen is lighting. Bright space will make the atmosphere feel spacious.

The use of exposed bricks
Using bricks as wall decorations can be applied with several kinds.

In terms of installation and maintenance, exposed brick and ceramic are the most efficient.

What is the standard size of a small kitchen to keep it comfortable?
This is a comfortable minimum size for cooking, taking groceries, and walking. Easy to place, takes up no area, and is efficient if you need a larger dining room.

Design an efficient 36 square meter house
Make your kitchen set design able to adjust your daily needs, be it a regular activity, just a gathering, or a big celebration. Design an island table whose size can be adjusted to your needs. When the event with a large family, this island table can be extended to merge with the bay window, so the dining room can have a capacity of up to 6-7 people.

With more space, this helps to accommodate the lifestyle of modern home dwellers who increasingly enjoy gathering with family and colleagues in more informal gatherings.

But for some residents, the warehouse is still considered necessary, so maximize the slightest space or furniture for storage.

Built-in cabinet for a neater and structured space
Applying built-in cabinets to kitchen appliances can provide an efficient layout for kitchens with limited area. Kitchen island which is useful as a place to prepare for cooking can also be converted into a place for casual dining

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