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Step-By-Step House Cleaning Checklist

A clean and neat house is the dream of all families. Who doesn’t dream about relaxing on the couch without worrying about toys strewn everywhere, laundry that hasn’t been ironed, floors that haven’t been swept, and so on. I still remember when I didn’t have children, it felt more relaxed because there was no need to go home often. Now? The presence of two small children at home has its own challenges in cleaning the house.

In the past, my dream house was a simple house with wide yard, cling floor and always shiny, modern style furniture. How about now? I just want to make sure my little house is clean and neat, so that it is comfortable for children to play inside the house. No more large furniture in the house, no more chairs and wooden tables which we initially functioned as guest chairs. Everything changes. My husband and I changed the function of some space in the house by eliminating the living room and dining table.

Even I still remember, one time Lana kept traces of the slime she made in the wardrobe, and I found that when I cleaned the clothes in her closet. But the names are children too.

Now after having a family and having children, my ideal home definition is that the house is clean and neat. I believe that the house is a reflection of the owner, and a clean house is also healthy, right? Making the house clean, healthy and comfortable is easy, as long as it is diligent and consistent in cleaning and caring for the house every day. Yes, every day, because with every day of course we will become accustomed. The key word is “habit”. Here it is, practical tips for cleaning and tidying my house:

When cleaning the house, prepare several bags to sort items and one basket / box. For example 3 large bags:

Now this one last bag can be tidied up again later in accordance with their respective places. Finally the basket of contents of dirty clothes was put together with other dirty clothes.

Make the bed. Usually I just pull the sheets, fold the blankets and tidy up the pillows to look neat.

Wash all dirty and piled dishes.

Use a wet cloth to clean the stains on the table, chair and on the floor.

Finally, clean the room and floor by sweeping the entire room or vacuuming.

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