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The Advantages Of Lightweight Bricks?

The use of lightweight construction materials is now increasingly popular, friend.

Not only mild steel material is used for the structure of home buildings, now one of the raw materials for wall makers, namely lightweight bricks, is also very popular and starting conventional bricks.

The main advantage of lightweight brick is from the manufacturing process Its mild yet solid nature so that it remains resistant to shocks is one of the many advantages of lightweight brick.

In contrast to brick or red brick whose production processes are still carried out traditionally, lightweight bricks are fabricated materials that are manufactured using sophisticated machinery, Friend.

So indeed this lightweight brick is indeed much stronger compared to red brick in general.

So that one more main advantage of this lightweight brick turned out to be, meeting earthquake resistant building material standards!

Could be a good building insulator Besides lightening and strengthening the resilience of buildings, lightweight bricks also have the main advantage of being a complete building insulator.

In addition, because the shape is quite solid and solid, lightweight brick also includes soundproof building materials to keep out the noise coming into the room.

Installation is quite fast Because lightweight bricks have more precise dimensions and better surface evenness, this is the main advantage of lightweight bricks.

With a flat surface and precise size, this will definitely speed up the process of building construction, right ?!

Makes the wall finishing process easier In the finishing stages of making a wall, walls composed of red bricks need to be coated with aci plaster to smooth the surface.

So that lightweight brick walls can be directly painted for finishing!

And the price of this lightweight brick is affordable!

If you use lightweight brick as material to build a house, you can save 50% on the cost of using plaster.

In addition, the process of installing lightweight bricks that is more practical and faster can also reduce the daily costs of construction workers.

Are you interested in using lightweight bricks as building material to build your dream home?

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