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The Beauty of The Facade of EH House

Andra Matin and his work as one of Indonesia’s great architects, can no longer be denied.

Moreover, a lot of his designs received both national and international awards.

So that the greatness and cold hands of Andra Matin are undeniable anymore!

And this time, we will try to discuss one of Andra Matin’s works that has a quite unique facade style!

Andra Matin’s EH House appears in harmony with nature Andra Matin’s home, located in the Bandung area, was built on an area of ​​390 square meters.

Appearing prominently in the facade, the building of this house is still able to look prominent but, in harmony with the surrounding environment.

That way the concept of a villa-flavored house, very thick felt in this residence, friend.

The shape of the facade is made to float to fit the land In the eyes of ordinary people, this house looks beautiful in the form of a teak facade and a floating glass wall.

But did you know, that the floating facade shape and the curved roof shape is the architect’s response to the natural and climatic conditions around the hilly dwelling.

Then the matter of the shape of the roof of the house that uses shingles material, was able to blend nicely and appear sturdy with teak wood choices for residential interior materials.

Makes a warm impression on this villa-style house, friend!

So that it becomes a beautiful and unique form of residential facade, but still functional for residential owners.

Sunlight can still enter the house evenly, but the cool cold typical of the Bandung area still feels warm, through teak wood material on the walls and floors.

It’s like that part of the dining room which is dominated by wood material, making this residence really comfortable to use to relax after a tired day of activities.

And the glass material on the second floor of the dwelling, allows this dwelling to still be able to get natural lighting without making the residents feel hot, because the location of the dwelling surrounded by beautiful environment makes this dwelling cool and comfortable.

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