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The Best Choice of Dinner Plates

In addition to taking care of yourself from the outside by exercising and eating healthy and nutritious food, adjusting your break time well is a recipe for maintaining effective fitness!

But do you know, friend, the choice of tableware like plates, turns out to play an important role to maintain health ?! So, so my friend can be careful in choosing dinner plates, here are 3 logical reasons.

Though being careful when choosing dinner plates is very important !!
There are a variety of ingredients in a dish, buddy. There can be used within a certain period, but some are dangerous and should be avoided. The material for making plates is usually derived from ceramic, wood, plastic, aluminum, styrofoam and also melamine.

Why be careful when choosing food dishes? The thing is that the ingredients of a dinner plate are very influential for your health, friend. So it must be observant and careful in choosing tableware.

The study focused on subjects who were asked to eat hot food on melamine plates compared to ceramic plates.

Take it easy, this type of melamine plate can be used to serve food.

Just choose a plate made of ceramic, glass or a plate of wood
If you want to be healthier, try using several choices of dishes made of wood, ceramics and glass to make it safer to use hot or cold food.

In addition, this type of plate is also safe to put in the microwave which is useful for heating food. So, healthy families, food becomes safe under control, right?

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