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The Best Cleaning Tips and Tricks for the Entire Home

First, Start From The Front Area Of The House

The front area of ​​the house really determines your characteristics. Display a clean front of the house will make guests interested to enter it. Of course, there is the impression that the house visited is quite comfortable to be visited.

How to do it? In cleaning the home page, you just tidy up and make it look fresher.

Then, don’t forget to prune a number of plants placed in the front area. This pruning is very important. Pruning branches and leaves and laying neatly will add a special impression.

Guests who see it will feel the memorable Eid atmosphere. You will be very happy to see it.

Second, Make Sure To Clean Up The Living Room Thoroughly

If the house yard has been cleaned and tidied, now is the time to do the cleaning in the living room area. This guest room should be cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Because this area will later be occupied by guests from various backgrounds.

Then, don’t forget to rearrange the furniture in it. For example, adjust the placement of the position of the table and sofa.

For the first time, please clean the furniture first. You can use a vacuum cleaner for the sofa. If it’s carpet, please wash it again so that the cleanliness is maintained.

After that, rearrange the placement of the entire furniture in the living room. While rearranging the room, you also need to do floor sealing. Make it as clean as possible so that the room look more sleek.

Other rooms that are usually visited by guests are the kitchen and bathroom. Please clean in sequence.

In essence, focus on cleaning the two places. If both have been cleaned, you can proceed to another room. That way, you will not worry if guests will feel uncomfortable inside. That’s the tips to clean the house before Eid is simple but appropriate to apply.

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