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The Best Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant, Beautiful

Minimalist home design is now increasingly popular, especially for young couples who just have a small family. In addition to the many benefits of a minimalist home that can be obtained, the atmosphere of calm, comfort, and simple possessed by a minimalist home also makes it even more popular.

A little review of history, minimalist home design apparently began to develop in the 1980s by adapting the concept of Zen homes from Japan. Zen, which has the meaning of tranquility, becomes the basic concept of a minimalist building which then grows wider and is now one of the prima donnas of residential design.

To implement it, you can see some minimalist home design inspiration that we have summarized especially for you here!

Functional House Plan

Talking about home design certainly not far from the house plans. This one becomes important, especially in minimalist home designs, because you have to be able to make a functional house plan. Narrow land in a minimalist home you should be able to use well. To overcome the narrow land, you can make a minimalist house plan with 2 floors.

Make plans by maximizing the best available land in a minimalist home. If you do not want to be too busy making a minimalist house plan, or feel in doubt, you can consult the minimalist home design that you have made on interior design services.

Minimalist Home Design with Simple Furniture

Choosing furniture for a minimalist home is actually not too difficult but quite tricky. You should be able to choose furniture based on function so that there isn’t a lot of furniture that is unemployed and only takes up space in your home. Furniture with neutral colors is also very suitable for minimalist home designs.

In addition to function and color, arrangement of furniture in a minimalist home also plays an important role. Wrong arrangement, your room will actually feel more cramped and make you not free to move.

Minimalist Garden For Earthing

So that the minimalist home design that you have more calm and comfortable, you can make a small garden make an option. You can choose whether you want to create a wet or dry garden in your minimalist home.

Minimalist home design with a small garden can also give a different feel to your home. A fresh green color can make your earthing moments more soothing. Some outdoor furniture such as plastic lounge chairs and wooden tables can also be placed in your minimalist home garden.

Enhance the Design with Minimalist Paint Colors

Another thing that is no less important in minimalist home design is the selection of paint colors. Not only have to use calm pastel colors in a minimalist home, you can also really apply bright or even bold colors. But you should be able to combine minimalist house paint colors with the right, yes!

Those are some minimalist home design inspiration that you can sample and apply in your home.

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