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The concept of Smart Living in the Living Room

Hearing about the concept of smart living for a residence, it might feel too ‘heavy’ for my friends who are accustomed to a simple lifestyle.

In fact, the understanding of the concept of smart living actually makes you a simpler and less complicated life. Then do you know if, in the style of a minimalist living room can also apply the concept of smart living? Is it easy to apply in everyday life?

The application of the concept of smart living in the living room requires color harmony
The minimalist interior style living room is indeed still popular among homeowners.

Bright colors can indeed give a minimalist look to the interior of the room.  The presence of wood elements in a minimalist home interior design can create textures to balance the bright color blend.

The use of open-space in the minimalist living room area
Minimalist style that is applied to the living room, you can also collaborate with the use of the concept of open-space which is a solution to maximize the limited area of ​​the living room.

The lack of a dividing wall makes the room look more spacious than its original size.

Placing a mirror on the sofa like in a minimalist home interior design above, is believed to expand the distance of the wall facing each other, you know !!

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