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The Concept of Stairs for Safety and Comfort

For this reason, the selection and concept of stairs for children’s comfort must be taken into account in order to be comfortable and safe. Especially when toddlers in the process of learning to crawl, walk and even run.

Give him the comfort to still be able to see and climb the stairs. For example, by making a swing under the stairs that need to be protected and up to the side of the swing he still needs someone else. Unlike the stairs that he can climb one by one if passed by the supervision of parents.

The Concept of Stairs for Children’s Comfort Create a Multifunctional Ladder
Just bypassing it without giving a functional impression on the stairs can be avoided, because it may be that children like stairs with functions that they can use as a vehicle for writing, drawing, and playing.

However, vigilance remains the responsibility of parents in the activities they do, one of which is mounting railing (handrail) stairs on the wall as a guide for children to go down or go up carefully.

Designing Stairs with Details
The commonly used concept only beautifies and pays little attention to its safety, as well as what materials are used for the stairs to make it look attractive and unique.

For parents who like small children and are surrounded by children, they are very obliged to pay attention to the concept of stairs if they want to build it comfortably, uniquely and interestingly, so they can still be seen as long as the main security function is number one.

Railing: as a drag on the stairs above the reinforcing poles

Rung: every step and distance to arrange the rung should be taken care of so that it is easy to pass for all people, especially for children

Housewife: as a support for the strength of the steps of each step, the strength of the housewife can guarantee security and safety if passed well.

Border: Periphery of the stairs

Make Illustrations Or Unique Images
Cute animals are sometimes feared by children when parents suggest it, to get past it they need someone else to guide and accompany it.

Therefore, the distance between balusters is one of the points in the concept of stairs for the child’s comfort that needs to be considered.

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