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The Idea of ​​Using a Narrow Garden Backyard So Beautiful & Cool

Having a narrow or minimalist backyard garden can be utilized as a variety of functional areas. Take a peek at 11 cool ideas to take advantage of this area!

With creativity, there are actually many cool ideas that can be applied to the back garden to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Here are design ideas you can try!

11 Ideas for Using a Narrow Garden Backyard
Narrow Garden Back House Becomes Tiny Relaxing Area
narrow back garden

Have a mini lounge area in a narrow house by juggling the back garden.

You can also plant grass to make this area more comfortable.

Don’t forget to add bean bags or beach chairs in the area.

Besides creating a relaxing area, you can also bring a hammock in the back garden.

Just bring a hammock there, then you can have a simple relaxing area.

If possible, you can also add a small table to place drinks.

  1. Make a Swing

The backyard of a small house can also be used as a garden with a swing.

Choose one that suits the theme of your home and your desires.

As a complement, you can also use synthetic grass and ornamental plants to enhance the atmosphere.

In this place, you can make a minimalist washing and drying area.

Creating a Minimalist Garden
narrow back garden
source: Archdaily

The remaining land behind the house can also be made into a beautiful mini garden.

Minimalist chairs and tables will also provide maximum comfort in the garden area.

To give a unique impression, present exposed brick on one wall as an attraction of the park.

Open concept mini kitchen can also be one of the ideas for backyard garden.

Despite its small size, the open concept will provide freshness.

In addition to the air that is freely felt, this concept also provides easy access to incoming sunlight.

Beautify the back of the house with a minimalist fish pond.

Also add natural stones and ornamental plants for an integrated impression to nature.

Fish ponds, rocks and plants will give a cool and fresh impression to the house.

Children’s Play Area

Small dwellings can also have a pleasant play area.

You do this by juggling the remaining land in the backyard into a comfortable playing area.

Use synthetic grass so your little one is comfortable and safe playing in the area.

Also add colorful pillows to make the atmosphere brighter.

Mini Dining Room

If the location of the kitchen in the house is behind the house, the remaining land in the back can be utilized as a mini dining room.

So the location of the kitchen and dining room are close together without having to use the area in the house.

To give the impression of spacious and airy, choose wood-colored furniture.

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