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The Inspiration of the Current Kemang Cafe

Over time consumers will want a variety of new desires to satisfy these needs. As in a cafe, consumers will want food that is served in an attractive manner and no less important is the availability of comfort.

Besides being comfortable, the place must be attractive and have a plus to the layout and function. As found in one of the 3 modern Kemang cafes, the following.

The contemporary Kemang cafe design is indeed suitable for millennial kids
Millennials like today whose names are very many cafes everywhere. Especially in the beloved Indonesian capital, Jakarta. There have been tens of thousands of times, yes, the current cafe design in the past three years.

Speaking of which the current cafe design, try to see one of the Kemang cafes named Dia.Lo.Gue! The current cafe design that also functions as an art-space, has often become the goal of influencers or bloggers to make an event, or just to eat and drink while hanging out with friends.

Besides functioning as a cafe, Dia.Lo.Gue is also used for many arts-related activities. Such as discussions of architectural issues, interior design, and holding art exhibitions.

That’s why very often architects like Andra Matin, Denny Gondo or Imelkda Akmal hold art exhibitions or discussions about design and architecture here, because there are very adequate facilities available.

The clean interior design with industrial accents on natural concrete wall finishing is very compatible with the choice of gray scandinavian-style chairs.

The presence of a wooden accent also reinforces the warm impression that is inside the interior of this Kemang cafe.

The design of this cafe and bakery can captivate the heart
For those who want to eat or snack on breads while drinking coffee, I think you must stop by the following Sophie Authentique! With a variety of servings of bread, cake, sandwiches to the types of coffee variants provided, it must be one of the cool hangout destinations right ?!

Moreover, the cozy interior atmosphere, the more attractive with the rattan hanging chair that became the focal point of this cafe. The choice of navy blue with wood material that is a strength in Sophie Authentique, can make the atmosphere of the room look classic, antique but still modern and present through the selection of various decoration accessories

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