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The Key to Making Minimalist Bedrooms More Effective

One bedroom design that is much preferred and trendy is the minimalist bedroom design concept. Not only more suitable for homes with limited land, making a minimalist bedroom also makes the room more efficient with a modern impression, you know.

Given the minimalist bedroom is famous for its efficient concept, so the arrangement of the room must be neat and well organized. Therefore the choice of furniture or furniture for a minimalist bedroom must also be right.

So that the minimalist bedroom always looks neat and doesn’t seem cramped, there are a number of elements that must be present.

Mirrors Must Have There!

For example, by choosing a round mirror from Uwitan.
Mirror is one important element that should not be missed when decorating a minimalist room, right? When creating a minimalist bedroom, a mirror is also a must, friend. Besides being able to create the illusion of a wider space, a mirror can also be an element of decoration to enhance the interior of a room. Therefore the choice of mirror shape and design is also one of the important things that must be considered.

Moreover, the material also has a wooden element, so it still seems natural and beautiful. The solution is easy.

With 5 shelves that extend to the top, not only can you put a book down, but you can also put a variety of cute items or decorations. The natural color of the pine wood also gives the impression of elegance and simplicity, the books are neat and not messy anymore.

Now to make your minimalist bedroom look more elegant, Uwitan also has a Folding Hook clothes hanger product! This clothes hanger makes the bedroom not only neat, but also looks more beautiful isn’t it? So make sure you don’t miss this product!

The company, which is engaged in furniture and home furnishings made from wood, also consistently uses certified solid wood “Indonesian Legal Wood” on every product you know. Even through the skilled hands of professional local woodworkers, quality and uniqueness are the main focus that is continuously maintained.

By prioritizing its use value and aesthetics, the shape and model of Uwitan products that are not consumed by the times are very suitable for minimalist style interior design.

Add Rugs To Make It More Comfortable
The carpet is one of the minimalist bedroom sweetener that is very eye-catching. Its usefulness is not only as a sweetener, but also can make the bedroom feel more comfortable.

To maintain harmony in the interior nuances of the bedroom, you can use a carpet with ivory white, light gray, light brown or black which is suitable for a minimalist concept. With a variety of shapes and materials, it will be easier for you to choose what you want.

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