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The Latest Canopy Design and Model Hits

Protect your home with this 2020 canopy design and model. Not just shady, your house will look more stylish!

Not only used as a protective car and porch, the canopy also serves as a home exterior decoration.

Let’s look at the design and model of the most trending canopy this year!

Design inspiration for the Canopy Hits Model 2020
Minimalist Glass Canopy
canopy model
Starting with the minimalist glass canopy model, the exterior protective design of this house is on the rise.

The popularity of glass canopies has increased due to the large number of cluster housing developments using minimalist designs.

You can choose various types of glass, ranging from clear kace, ice, to color!

For a minimalist look, choose clear glass or frosted glass, but if you want a more eccentric result …
… the type of glass mosaic can lift the design outside the house to be more colorful!

Golden Brown Wood Canopy
canopy model
Want a house that looks modern but is also friendly and warm?

This one canopy design can not only be placed in front of the house, but also the backyard, especially the barbecue area and gathering together.

Not only that, the canopy of the katu proved to be more durable compared to the canopy made from other materials.

This is because wood is not an easy material to expand or shrink so it is certainly more durable.

This canopy design is suitable for minimalist industrial homes that rely on the use of steel and dark colors.

Wood Canopies & Vines
canopy model
Besides bajametal, other materials that can create a beautiful atmosphere at home are vines.
Creating a green area on the exterior of the house always brings out a natural feel without removing the berikunta canopy design.

Asbestos is the most popular material and has often been installed in many homes because of its low price and practical installation.

Although sometimes it can make heat, be sure to install two layers of asbestos as a canopy so that the house feels cooler.

Minimalist Canopy Model Tent

But it also makes the shelter look more elegant and luxurious.

So minimalist residents do not need to worry!

Model of Beach Canopy Made of Wire

Minimalist canopy with a touch of shades of this beach has a simple design but still stylish.

Natural stone canopies need pillars and houses big enough to support them.

Inspired by this canopy design but has a house that is not too big .

Building several pillars to support natural stone material is a highly recommended solution.

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