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The Unique Model Of Stairs At Home

But this stair area, can also be a ornament or decorative element in your home. You have to design a unique staircase model! Well, what is the unique model of the stairs and how can you see a little inspiration in the following article!

The unique contemporary staircase model made from wood
The unique shape of the staircase model in this dwelling, the first one you can look at, my inspiration came from a wooden ladder.

This contemporary stair design model is indeed quite unique, because the design is floating with an iron pipe as its railing.  So it looks like, contemporary stair designs that also seem minimalist!

Uniquely a spiral staircase model that wanders like a snake
When talking about beauty, surely the design of the spiral staircase cannot be underestimated. And, the unique model of this spiral staircase is suitable to be applied as the main staircase or as a service ladder to go to the laundry-drying room which usually has a limited area like this!

The uniqueness of this residential staircase model, it has become a special attraction for the occupancy.

The stairs are complete with a slide, making the house more exciting
If the staircase model is designed next to a slide, the kind of inspiration below!

Definitely make your house really fun to play with the baby, as long as it is under your supervision as a parent, yeah !!

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