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This Is An Inspiring Residential Dining Room Hanging Lamp

Inspiration to make an attractive and beautiful residential dining room, it can also be obtained by using a chandelier. Because the chandelier was apparently able to give the impression and attractive atmosphere in the dining room.

Listen carefully yes, a variety of inspiration!

Retro style chandelier

Of course one of the dining room designs has a comfortable and bright impression. With white furniture and striking yellow electric accents, making light into the dining room and reflected in the room.

Moreover, the type of chandelier designed from wood and linen, gives a relaxed retro feel in the dining room. So the atmosphere of eating can feel cheerful and also refreshing.

The types of hanging lamps with ball ornaments
One more thing, the types of hanging lamps that are attractive and beautiful for decorating the dining room, that is, those who have a ball ornament design like this!

With a half-circular chair and a glass table, unique and adorable, the appearance of blue bubble lights is a fitting attraction in the dining room.

White walls and elongated dining table models, equipped with two different chair models make this dining room feel unique. Do not forget also with the floor carpet with striped and colored patterns. Not only does the area of ​​the floor feel beautiful, but the chandelier is also attractive with its transparent ball lamp ornament.

Unique type of hanging lamp from woven bamboo
The types of chandeliers for the dining room can look attractive with natural accents of woven bamboo like this!

The warm yellow lights, making the dining room feel warm and pleasant. The atmosphere in the dining room feels complete with the presence of a flower vase on the edge of the dining table.

But this interior design style always has a charming appeal in a room.

This type of industrial-style chandelier is very suitable, if collaborated with a rustic wooden dining table that has a rough fiber. Equipped with an iron dining chair, making the dining room feel more sturdy and masculine.

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