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This Item Must Be in Your Kitchen!

Durable and affordable, this object must be in the kitchen for housewives that is durable and affordable is a favorite. Objects with materials from glass, wood and thick food wrapping objects that can be stored are not easy to rot and are durable.

Cook spices and cooking utensils also keep in mind. The place used to store the spices must be of good quality because the storage also influences the flavor of the cooking spices.

Don’t forget, use a wooden lid or natural-smelling ingredients so that the aroma and flavor remain original and distinctive. The use of glass jars makes it easy to find out the differences between the jars around.

Durable with a Grounded Special Drawer
Use a drawing board or cloth liner without slip and anchor in place with double-sided tape. Good too, if kept away and hidden from

Steamer Storage
Bamboo is great for storing onions, garlic and onions, which require ventilation.

Cupcake wrappers are a good choice. Use two sheets for extra protection and then tie with yarn.

You can use a muffin pan to store all your kitchen items by forming groups according to their types to make things neater and more organized.

Forget about the distractions of looking for a lid to prevent dismantling of the kitchen space, installation of shelves on the back of the cabinet door will facilitate the lid to be neater and easier to find.

Put it in a basket to make it easier to find, also keep gloves or cleaning cloths.

Therefore, using a clip on spoon will make it easier to open the coffee wrapper easily and directly according to the size of the spoon. This job is very good if you do it in a hurry.

Makes it easier to find and crevice more functional hangers.

Twine Rope
Keeping pots and pans on high can be dangerous. Waxed threads, because they are inseparable from porcelain or glass, are very helpful in making it more close and more tight if there are shocks or bumps.

Decorative Stopper
If you have funny and unique used glass bottles, you can really use them to be used again as oil bottles or liquid ingredients in the kitchen.

Tea-Tin Vase
Used cans such as food cans, milk cakes are reused in the kitchen to have good and correct functional value. One of them, used as a rare and attractive flower vase on the kitchen table or around the kitchen room.

Storage Jar Jars
Storing food is indeed better and avoid rusty containers.

Food Wrappers
Storing food ingredients or fruits with this plastic bag has a good effect with less air released.

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