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This Three-storey Apartment Design Is Really Charming And Present

Inspired by a modern, charming and millennial three-story apartment design! Friend, curious about the design of this charming three-story apartment?

Three-storey apartment with a very attractive contemporary design
This three-storey apartment designed by Lenka Mikova and Marketa Bromova has an area of ​​180 square meters.

This three-storey apartment is designed in white with attractive elements in the room. Because, the client of this house asked the architect to redesign the existing plywood in the house with a beautiful view and create a modern home inspired by medieval American interior style.

The middle age style is done by making the interior space clean and has a simple design and gives a distinctive emphasis on the surface. This is done to visually highlight the natural texture of the material and its quality.

Contemporary style with oak wood material as a connector
Careful material selection can be seen from the selection for the floor surface.  Of course, the difference in material depends on the function of the room. Although the floor on each floor is different, but there are some features that are installed as a common thread for the overall interior of the residence.

The use of high doors from floor to ceiling, making the room feel spacious and high.

This house is divided into three floors, so the layout of the room is divided depending on the floor. On this floor you can see a large family room or living room equipped with a TV watching room, dining room and also an open kitchen. This room without insulation makes the room feel roomy. Do not forget to also have a terrace in the outside area that is connected through a sliding glass window.

The main feature found in the room on the main floor is a wooden unit that extends as a lounge and also a kitchen on the wall.

By placing various necessities on one side of the room, the other side can be used as an area to hang paintings. The kitchen area itself can be hidden when not needed so it does not interfere with the view of the middle floor room.

The kitchen area is equipped with a marble table between the kitchen and dining room.

Then on the floor below there is a child’s bedroom equipped with a small hall that functions as a playroom. The living room is spacious enough so that from the play hall to the bedroom can be an exciting playground. Children’s bedrooms are equipped with outdoor patio areas through sliding glass doors.

The walk-in closet area is cool and the bathroom is decorated with playful tiles.

On the upper floor there is a workspace and also a master bedroom equipped with a bathroom and walk-in closet. The bedroom for parents is designed quite simple without a lot of ornamentation in it. So that the room feels cleaner and also simpler.

The bathroom is elegantly designed for the parents’ bathroom. With a combination of black tiles on the entire wall and gold color on the bathroom features make this space feel luxurious and intimate. The water tap is adjusted according to the hexagon tiles.

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