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Tiny Dining Room is More Charming

The cleverness and ingenuity in managing a small room to function optimally is necessary.

Such skill is also needed when arranging a small dining room.

Because a pleasant dining room can also give a mood and a pleasant impression when dining with family.

Japanese-style house has a characteristic short-legged table with sitting cross-legged.

In addition to imitating the concept can display the traditional impression of Japanese culture, it can also make the room seem more spacious and tall.

To imitate him, you don’t have to use the concept of Lesbian, with a table and a short-legged chair, you can also get a spacious dining area.

The intensity of the light can affect the impression of the room.

So to get a room that seemed spacious, needed a lot of light in the area.

To get it, g can utilize the natural light of the sun or by using a lamp.

Not only serves to maximize light, the use of decorative lighting in the dining room area also makes it look more beautiful and attractive.

The most important thing in the dining room is a table and chairs.

If the placement of the dining room is in the kitchen area, g can get around the area and the kitchen to be more spacious with the use of cabinets or shelves attached to the wall.

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