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Tips for Maintaining a Proper Bathtub!

After getting tired of the activities of the day, relaxing for a while while soaking in the bathtub is indeed fun, Friend Rooang.

With a note that the bathtub must be clean and well maintained.

Even though we have cleaned and treated the bathtub as best we can.

Well, so that the bathtub in the bathroom of the house looks beautiful, cleaner and more durable, you know the tips and tricks for caring for it.

Because it directly fills the bathtub with hot water, it actually makes the tub crack quickly.

So that the immersion water will feel warmer and more comfortable for the skin.

Using the correct cleaning fluid is key in tips on caring for a bathroom bathtub If you want to make the bathtub shiny longer, you should use the right cleaning fluid in accordance with the materials used.

Using natural ingredients such as lime or lemon, salt and alum to clean the bathtub can also really.

And if you want to use the natural ingredients above it’s also really easy!

Buddy just mix it with hot water then rub it on the stains that interfere slowly.

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