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Tips on Making a Fragrant Home in a Simple Way

The house is a place to stay that we will definitely keep clean and neat. A clean and neat house will definitely provide comfort when inhabited.

Organizing the house to be more practical and neat can provide its own comfort for the owner or even guests who are visiting.

One solution is of course by adding air freshener so that the freshness of the room is maintained properly.

Some types of fragrances are also good for health and can affect the mood of the heart. Here are a variety of easy ways to make your own air freshener that is cheap, easy and safe from chemicals:

You can collect several shoots in containers such as bowls or baskets, add essential oils that have your favorite aroma. Place the container in the corner of the table so that the freshness of the air inside your home increases.

To make these fragrant sheets so easy. All you have to do is prepare a bottle for spraying liquids, baking soda, essential oils that you like and distilled water.

Lavender fragrance that is often used as a therapy is believed by many people to provide a sense of calm. The benefits of plants that are used as anti-mosquito can be as a fragrance of your home.

You do this by combining dried lavender buds and baking soda into a glass bottle, shake evenly and add lavender essential oil. Don’t forget to make a small hole so that the aroma of lavender can come out easily.

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