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Tips Wall Paint Designs and Ideas for Home Painting Needs

Of course there are many other ways you can try to make the walls of your house look more colorful.

Did you know that with creative painting techniques you can make the appearance of the walls of your home look beautiful and artistic. For that see 6 inspiring techniques to color the walls of the house to be more artsy as follows:

Ombre Wall

Ombre style or color gradations in addition to being used to dye hair can also be applied to the walls of your home.

Walls with Geometry Shapes

Geometric shapes on the walls are indeed becoming a trend as part of interior decoration. You can also apply this technique at home using paint markers.

Mural on the Wall

Making a mural is not easy if done alone. And in general people will need help from someone who is already quite an expert.

For simplicity, make a mural with a simple pattern like a mountain image. You only need to prepare 3 paint colors to display gradations to each other and paint the walls in the direction of the waves to resemble a group overlay.

Decorate the Wall with Paint Droplets

One other quite exciting way to decorate the walls of a house is to make drops of paint. You will need a variety of paint colors to do this and also prepare several syringe pumps according to the amount of paint.

No need to fill the pump too much because it will seep to the floor, just fill approximately 3-5ml for each painting. Use the stairs to help you and start to drop paint from the top wall.

Walls with Modern Art Design

The following ways you can work with children because it’s quite easy. Attach some special tape on one wall of the room to form a geometry design. After closing, paint the parts in geometric shapes with different colors.

Make Chevron Motifs

The Chevron or zig-zag motif in a design is quite popular nowadays because it looks trendy. You can paint the walls of this house this way, but you don’t need to do it for the entire room. Just select one wall to give a dramatic impression. You can combine several colors, but if you want to show contrast, use only black and white.

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