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Trending Style in Minimalist Wooden Fence Palette Fence Houses

When making a house, of course you never miss the installation of the fence, right? Well, if you want to make your house look more charming, try using a wooden palette fence. Here it is some popular types.

House fence with wooden pallet design has artistic value and elegant impression, when compared to concrete or iron fences.

The advantage of this wooden house fence is that the price is very cheap so that it can save your expenses.

In addition, the installation does not need to bother calling the contractor to the house, just by yourself, the palette fence can be made easily.

For this minimalist wooden fence design, it is very commonly used by many homeowners.

Without customizing the wood, all you have to do is arrange it into a wooden fence.

If you need a fence design that aims as home decoration, picket wood fence models can be the best reference.

Privacy Arched Wood Fence Model
wooden palette fence
Source: Pinterest

The shape is really charming and then has an arch at the top.

This fence model is usually used by traditional houses or has a royal concept.

Like, the traditional Japanese royal house, and so on.

At the top there is a small roof as a sweetener fence.

This wooden fence model is designed with picket construction and gothic style that makes it look antique.

You can add some bird houses by hanging them on the fence.

If you have limited land, this fence model is an interesting solution.

Dog eared fence can be an interesting choice.

In contrast to the framed courtyard fence model house with a cap, this one has its own uniqueness.

The end of the fence is made curved then, after that you can arrange it tightly.

This includes the classic wooden fence model, you know!

Then, there is a minimalist wooden fence intended to clarify the boundaries of the house.

Rail ranch rail is a model that is suitable for all types of houses, very easy to make and the shape is not boring.

Model fence of the house itself is very commonly found in the countryside or in a very friendly environment.

Privacy With Lattice
Privacy Scalloped
Traditional Picket
Split Rail
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Take care of the wooden fence to be durable and durable in this way

DIY Minimalist Wood Palette Fences
wooden palette fence

Tools and Materials Prepared:

2 pieces of pallets with a length of 2 m
15 pieces of 75 cm short wooden pallets
Small nails to taste
How to Make a Minimalist Palette Wood Fence:

Hold the wood firmly so it does not stray,
After all the sections are installed, it’s time to install a fence on the wall of the house,
Use a bigger nail and fasten it with a hammer.
The palette fence in your house is ready.
So that the appearance of the wooden fence is more attractive to look at, you can paint the fence with the right color

Because the needs are increasing, it is not strange if this plant has a higher price than garlic or other food ingredients.

For that, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to grow your own onion.

Besides being used as a flavoring, onion turned out to have other benefits, you know.

Benefits of Shallots for Traditional Medicine
Shallots that you often find in the kitchen can actually be used as traditional medicine.

For example, you can use onions as a treatment for “chips” that are usually used to treat colds.

how to grow shallots

In addition, this shallot also has other properties such as:

cure mag,
lowers cholesterol,
reduce blood sugar levels, and
treat diabetes.
Apparently, the secret why onion can treat the disease above is because of the content of potassium and fiber in it.

In addition, onions also contain Vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, and iron which are beneficial for maintaining a healthy body.

After knowing the various benefits, of course you are now interested in knowing how to grow your own onions behind the house.

If so, let’s just listen to tips for doing it!

How to Grow Hydroponic Shallots with the Wick System

  1. Preparing Tools and Materials
    how to grow shallots

The first thing you must do to plant shallots with this water media is to prepare the materials and equipment needed.

Here are the details:

Pot (use a used bottle or jar as an alternative)
Growing media (cocopeat or husk charcoal)
Hydroponic nutrition / AB mix
PH measuring device
TDS gauges
Water Preparing the Nutrition Pot and Reservoir
hydroponic onion axis system
After preparing everything, the next thing you have to do is prepare the planting media.

Pot and reservoir that must be prepared can be used items such as bottles or jars.

After everything has been prepared, here are the steps to be followed:

Make sure the size of the pot matches the size of the jar that has been prepared.
Punch a lid on the jar (adjust the shape and size of the hole with the pot provided).
Make an air hole of approximately 1 cm in diameter on the side of the jar.
Make the air hole a little lower down from the position of the pot.
Cut out the flannelette and attach it to the bottom of the pot.
Put the planting media in the pot.
Paint the jar / reservoir so that the nutrient solution is not overgrown with moss (choose a color that is not translucent).

  1. Preparing the Growing Media
    how to grow shallots

Hydroponics usually use husk charcoal or cocopeat as a growing medium.

In addition, you can also mix the two with a ratio of 1: 1.

Before you put this growing media in the pot, make sure that you first install the wick made of flannel.

  1. Preparing Seeds
    how to grow shallots

You can use shallots in the kitchen as seeds to plant.

To choose the best seeds, make sure the selected bulbs look dry and old.

This can be seen from the color of the tubers that look shiny and dense.

Also, make sure you also use the onion bulbs that the prospective roots look like. How to plant onions

After all of the above is prepared, cut only the tip of the onion, about 1/5 of the size of the seed.

  1. Planting Seeds
    The first thing you must do is first water the planting media with plain water.

Then, immerse half of the tuber into the growing media.

Place the growing media in a shady place for 3 to 4 days or until the onion hydroponic shoots.

If the growing shoots have reached 1 cm, fill the reservoir with an ab mix nutrient solution and store the growing media in a place that is thoroughly exposed to sunlight.

  1. Ensuring PPM Needs and Nutrition pH
    how to grow shallots

To determine whether the method of planting shallots in accordance with the provisions, you must also ensure the PPM needs and pH of nutrients needed.

Ab mix nutrition has 2 parts, namely nutrition A and nutrition B.

If the ab mix nutrients you have are still steamy or in solid form, dissolve them first until they become a mother liquor.

Nutrition A and nutrient B must be dissolved in 2 separate containers.

At each stage of growth, PPM hydroponic onion nutrient requirements are always changing.

In essence, the older the onion age, the more PPM nutritional needs.

Here are the details:

The ideal PH of onion

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