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Triangle Home Model Inspiration

The existence of the roof of the house as a protective housing is no doubt. But what happens if the roof of the house is designed extending downward, so that it covers the entire house, and shapes the house into a triangle?

Can the interior design be as attractive and beautiful as an ordinary home interior design?

The triangle house and the attractive interior design
This triangular house consists of two symmetrical slopes that are like tents. Simple and not as complicated as a love triangle for sure, hehehe ..

The size of this triangle from the outside does not look too large, but there must be remembered that this house has a height that is almost the same as the height of the house in general. So this can be modified, this building into 2-3 floors by adding barriers, so that there can be many rooms in the house.

The shape of a triangle house made of wood, giving rise to warm shades
For those who like classic style houses, the use of wood elements to design a triangle house can be tried. But the interior of the house does not have to be all wood, you know!

The floor of the house is made of ceramics while the furniture such as tables and chairs are chosen in matching colors. Classic!

In addition you can also build a balcony at the top and a terrace at the bottom of the house to make it look more chic.

What do you think, friend, about the unique shape of this house?

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