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Tropical Residential Entrance Decorating Style Concept!

So my friend is also obliged, to think about what a beautiful entrance decoration idea and according to your taste.

But if you want to display the idea of ​​residential entrance decoration in a tropical feel, here are some types of decorations that can be applied.

What is the beauty of the residential entrance decoration idea in the feel of a tropical style?

Here’s the idea of ​​decorating the nuances of tropical and green nuances that can be home inspiration, friend.

Bali-style entrance decoration ideas Having a large front yard, of course, can be utilized by designing a green garden planted with grass.

Added by the appearance of traditional wooden doors and triangular roofs that give the impression of a vintage, the idea of ​​a residential-style entrance decoration in rural Bali is very beautiful and cool to the eye.

Entrance design style with a modern tropical concept The entrance to the house is designed in a modern style, usually it is rarely designed with green expanse of plants and trees.

It will definitely be difficult to design the concept of an entrance filled with lots of greenery.

But it turns out that the concept of a modern house that does not have a large yard, can be broken by making a sweet and modern entrance design as above.

The road to the residential area is decorated with neatly arranged stone tiled streets.

Then right next to the road there is a garden with a mini pool that gives the freshness of a tropical home at the beginning of entering the area of ​​the house.

With unique cut trees, this entrance design concept provides a certain esetic pattern that is beautiful in a home garden.

But this wall area with vines can also be an option for those of you who want a unique-looking house.

Application of beautiful tropical concepts Because Indonesia has a tropical climate, applying tropical concepts to residential design is an appropriate option.

Like the inspiration below, which applies the path from the wooden planks to the main door of the residence.

And on the right and left side there are many beautiful greenery as a sweetener design.

Beautifully decorated terrace area For the people of Indonesia, the entrance to the house is always close to the terrace.

So it’s good too, if you decorate the entrance to the house by decorating the residential terrace area.

Like this inspiration above!

With a large terrace area, the arrangement of bricks on the floor makes this terrace very beautiful.

Not only that, the orange color on the wall paint also adds a bright and tropical look on the patio area.

The existence of potted plants on the terrace, also helped beautify the entrance area of ​​this house.

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