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Types of Window Curtains to Beautify the Home

Are you aware that the window is an important part because it can make the room feel warmer, more comfortable and more beautiful? Well, you can make the window more beautiful by adding curtains that fit the size of the room.

A simple curtain can beautify the appearance of a room you know. For those of you who are still looking for the right window curtain design or idea to be installed in the dwelling, here are inspiring curtain ideas that can make the room more comfortable.

You can use minimalist window curtains that are only one layer and thin.  But to be durable, you need to choose curtains with quality materials and look beautiful even if installed without a combination with other curtains.

Oriental bamboo curtains

You can create a natural atmosphere that is completely natural by using curtains from bamboo material. In addition to easy and practical maintenance, curtains made from bamboo are also very easy to mix and match with other furniture in the room. This curtain can provide enough privacy for residents. So, you don’t need to worry if bamboo curtains will damage the appearance of the room in your home. Oriental accents will make the room look more fresh and unique for a minimalist or modern home.

Monochrome Curtains

For a minimalist or masculine home style, you can use monochrome curtains that are soft and comfortable. Beige, gray or white color palette can be your choice. You can also use bolder colors like black or dark ash. The impression of luxury at home you can definitely get without having to sacrifice the bright atmosphere in the room. Monochrome curtains can also decorate the room attractively and stylishly without too much impression. For the ingredients, you can choose soft material with a rather heavy weight to create an impression of luxury.

Neutral and white combination curtains

These two color combinations are the safest choice of curtains that are a perfect match for all residential design styles. Neutral colors for curtains are very reliable to display bright space and look wider. This one curtain can be imitated for those of you who don’t want too many accents or decor, but can still get the maximum benefit from the beautiful curtains. The neutral beige color with the combination of white curtains is also suitable for all types of furniture of various colors, including furniture from wood.

Fitted Curtains

For those who like a neat style and not complicated, you can try to inspire a small long curtains with a certain model fitted this one. You can also custom these curtains according to the width and height of the house window which is then fitted snugly to the plane. As a result, the room will look more presentable with long curtains and fitted like this. Yummy again, curtains like this can also be tied at the waist as a place of entry of light from outside.

Two Color Curtains

Want to give a unique impression to the room? You can use two different colors and patterns for the left and right sides of the window. This unique and unusual equivalent will instead provide its own freshness and uniqueness to the room, as well as being far from boring. The appearance of windows with different color curtains is also suitable for women’s rooms or living rooms.

Gradation Curtains

With the right color and curtain motifs, the room can look more lively and cheerful. Not only that, the thickness of the curtain can also determine the intensity of the light entering the room. Well, try to choose gradation curtains like this one. In addition to remaining unique, this one curtain also can still make the room stay cool and seem spacious.

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