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Unique Architecture Of Natural Objects


Inspiration can indeed come from anywhere. Likewise experienced by an architect in producing a work.

Lots of things that can be used by an architect an inspiration. Even ordinary objects that exist in nature, can be transformed into a charming masterpiece of world architecture! Curious, what are the world architectural works whose inspiration comes from simple objects in the universe?

World-class architecture inspired by seashells
This world architectural masterpiece in Abu Dhabi, inspired by seashells, friend.

World-class architecture inspired by bird nests
If this one world architecture work, it already really hits the world community.

Known as Bird’s Nest stadium, this building was designed by several architects, namely Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron from Herzog & de Meuron, project architect Stefan Marbach, artist Ai Weiwei, and CADG led by chief architect Li Xinggang.

World architectural masterpieces inspired by lotus flowers
The Lotus Temple, located in Delhi, India, is a Bahá’í House of Worship dedicated in December 1986, which cost $ 10 million to build. Famous for its shape like a Lotus flower, making this architectural work a prominent attraction in the city. Like all Bahá’í Houses of Worship, The Lotus Temple is open to all, regardless of religion or other qualifications.

The building consists of 27 marble-coated “flower petals” arranged in groups of three to form nine sides, with nine doors opening into the central hall with a height of a little more than 40 meters and a capacity of 2,500 people.

World architectural masterpieces inspired by carp
What comes to mind, friend, with the shape of the building inspired by the following metaphorical form of carp? Beautiful? Unique?

Yep, this unique, beautiful and funny installation turns out to be one of Frank Gehry’s works !! Built in the Barcelona area to welcome the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, it was decided to make an iconic installation. The steel frame that is plastered by the sunlight of the Mediterranean sea, will shine golden like a goldfish, and make a unique installation look more attractive.

World architectural masterpieces inspired by water droplets
National Aquatics Center, is an aquatic center built next to the Beijing National Stadium on Olympic Green for the 2008 Summer Olympic swimming competition.

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