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Unique House with Amazing Design!

Maybe for many people, the design of the house is how to build a building made of bricks which is completed by the process of painting.

Like what, the uniqueness of this unusual house located in Meruya – West Jakarta?

This unusual house, unique design is the work of RAW Architecture.

Located in West Jakarta, precisely in Villa Meruya housing, this unusual house nicknamed ‘the guild’ has shown its uniqueness through its exterior formations.

This unusual house, is the home and studio for Realrich Sjarief This architectural house and studio was designed by Realrich Sjarief for his residence and office.

The building is divided into several rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, work studios, libraries, and open courtyards.

At the entrance area is presented with metal doors and concrete walls enclosed with a polycarbonate canopy framed with a steel frame.

The water element which is near the entrance area certainly adds to the freshness and coolness in the building.

On the ground floor, the living room and dining room can be accessed through a curved door equipped with a circular window flanked by a pair of curved openings facing the poolRealrich himself stated that he designed this building because he liked living close to the studio.

By liking this work, he was fully committed to work in the studio.

In the studio, too, he spends most of his time making it easier for him to have a house and studio in one place.

Circulation of private room divider with his studio is through the void stairs.

The stairs also become direct access that can be used by Realrich to be able to go directly to the workspace from his home.

For the bedroom and family room are on the top floor which gives more the impression of privacy with the family.

The existence of skylights with pyramid formations on the roof channel light into the center of the building and draw fresh air from the blemishes between the glass and concrete.

Shows the family area in his house.

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