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Unique: Interior Design Ideas & Home Decorating Inspiration

Minimalist home designs have become very popular in recent years. Many people are competing to build and remodel their homes by following the current design trends.

In addition to providing a simple and elegant home design, minimalist value also reflects yourself as a simple and efficient person.

Still confused how to pour ‘minimalism’ into your home? Come on, see 9 characteristics of minimalist home design below!

Simplicity of Spatial Planning

Minimalist house has a simple layout, plain, and efficient with multilevel space volume. Simple form, open floor plans, minimal interior walls, simple storage areas, and an emphasis on freedom of view are characteristic of minimalist home plans.

Geometrical Building Architecture

Minimalist home building is made in a strict geometric shape. It is clearly seen physically that the minimalist house is shaped like a cube or block box. The roof is not triangular in shape, but rather flat without the addition of unnecessary decorations or curves.

The characteristic of a minimalist home that you can see from the outside is the intensity of the use of glass. Indeed, when we find a minimalist home, usually our eyes will immediately be directed to the glass window that is large and wide.

This large window is intended so that air and sunlight can easily enter the house. That way, the level of humidity in the house will always be maintained. In addition, natural lighting is also able to give more emphasis and aesthetic value to furniture that is exposed to light.

Clean & Soft Wall Color Selection

Minimalist home walls are usually dominated by white or gray. Both of these colors look very clean and neutral. Certainly be the right choice to strengthen the minimalist home design that is simple, modern and elegant.

Giving Simple Exterior Details without Decoration

In addition to using a pure white color, some people also choose textured materials to give more detail to the minimalist home exterior. But keep in mind that even this detail is still shaped as a simple line without any decoration.

Minimal Bulkhead & Room Divider

Minimalist house will not have many barriers or boundaries. This is because the minimalist concept prioritizes space efficiency. Bulkhead, pillars, barriers will only make the room more narrow when not really needed.

The family room, dining room, and kitchen will be on one large land separated only by furniture. But for private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms of course still separated in a separate room.

Using Minimalist Furniture

With a minimalist home design, the furniture used also needs to support the minimalist concept. Usually in a family room there will only be essential furniture such as sofas, shelves, and tables.

The shape of the furniture will not be too big with a lot of decoration. That way, these furniture will be able to highlight the function while still using the minimum space possible.

Clean, Open and Bright Room

Because of the minimal use of furniture and insulation, the minimalist interior interior will look roomy. Therefore, the minimalist concept is very suitable to get around the land that is not too broad but still wants relief. Sunlight from outside also supports making the room look more clean, open, and bright. So comfortable and warm for your family activities.

Equipped with a Minimalist Garden

Last but not least, a garden is also a characteristic of a minimalist home. Although usually a minimalist house built on land that is not too broad, but you will still find a beautiful and cute garden as a residential freshener. If likened, this park is the icing on the cake.

Usually the park is located in front of the terrace and contains puzzle grass or mini elephant grass. Some people also add flowers and small plants, but still avoid the impression of being crowded.

Minimalist architecture is about achieving better designs through simplicity. Whether it’s the simplicity of shape, space, material, detail, or color.

The 9 characteristics above show that minimalist home design does not accentuate luxury or show all your possessions. But it is precisely the choice to create calm, order and elegance in ‘kemimiman’.

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