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Unique Stair Designs, Beautiful Stair Ideas for Your House

Inspirational Stairs for Residential Stair Designs
Identical turning stairs as stairs for attics or narrow spaces. The reason is the shape of the rotating stairs is more space efficient. However, lately the rotary stairs began to be glimpsed as the main staircase in a large and spacious room.

With the selection of materials and the right design, the turntable can create a different atmosphere of the house, you know! Well, for those of you who are interested in using a turntable at home, here Kania will share an inspirational design of an interesting turntable. Curious? Come on, just take a peek below!

Stair Ladder with Glass Railing

Swivel ladder with railing made of glass can create a modern impression. It also looks more clean and airy, like the inspiration of this one. Meanwhile, the steps are made using wooden boards in bright colors. The location of this rotary staircase is in the middle of the room so it is also suitable as an element of decoration.

Turning Stairs Like a Board Stack

This rotary staircase is not only minimalist, but also very aesthetic. If you pay close attention, the wood texture used on this turnstile creates an illusion like it was made from a pile of wooden boards. Unfortunately, this swivel ladder is not equipped with a handle. Therefore, before building this turntable, make sure you consider it carefully, yes!

Play Stairs for Multi-level Libraries

Planning to have a mini terraced library at home? If so, then the rotary ladder model is the most appropriate solution. It aims to make your mini library more efficient and more efficient.

Because the mini library room has a low traffic intensity, the stairs are sufficiently made in small sizes. In order to appear harmonious, use the same design for railing and stair railings.

Stair Ladder with Wood Material

For a rustic style residence, you need a turntable made entirely of wood. The handrails and barriers on the turnstile are made with a simple design. However, the curve of this ladder makes it look elegant.

Stair Ladder with Stainless Steel and Glass Material

The rotary stairs must be strong to support the body weight of the user. One of the strongest materials that can be used on a turntable is stainless steel. This material can be used on stairs, main pillars, and handles. Meanwhile, the guards or boundaries can use glass material that is able to create a modern impression.

Stair Steps with Classic Feel

Next, there is a swivel staircase design that is perfect for classic style dwellings. This rotary stair is made using wood material as a whole. The railing railing has a pattern that makes the turntable more beautiful.

In addition, along the sides of the steps are equipped with small lights. Not only aesthetic, users will find it easier when stepping on this turnstile at night.

Stair Steps Without Pillars

Not all rotary stairs depend on the pillars in the middle. There is also a turntable whose center of power is below the rung, like this turntable design.

The position of the support at the bottom of the stairs makes this turntable look like floating. In addition, the staircase railing has a unique shape that resembles a wire. Even so, the strength of this turning ladder could not be doubted.

Combination of Iron and Wood for Turning Stairs

This time there is a turntable made using wood and iron materials. The steps use a wooden board with a carved iron list. Meanwhile, railings and pillars of the staircase are made of iron. The combination of these two materials makes the ladder stronger and warmer.

Minimalist Stylish Rotary Ladder

For those of you who have a minimalist home style, try to apply this minimalist swivel staircase model. The combination of white and light brown on the turntable makes the atmosphere of the house cleaner and brighter. In addition, the position of the rotary stairs is in the corner of the room so it is very effective to make the room feel more spacious.

Modern Play Stairs

Steps with a gap in the turntable often make users worry about tripping, especially if there are small children at home. As a solution, you can use this modern swivel staircase design that the steps have a compact design with made connected to each other. Thus, these worries can be removed. In addition, this round of stairs does not reach 360 ° so it is comfortable to use by the elderly.

Well, that’s 10 inspiration for the design of the staircase for the house. Are you ready to enjoy a different atmosphere with a swivel ladder?

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