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Use Multi-Function Furniture

But apparently a home design in Belgium, is able to look attractive and solutive with the concept of limiting homes using furniture.

The size of the house land is unique and limited This unique and interesting home design concept is based on conditions, friend.

The point is that the size and shape of the house is a little unique and unusual, making the homeowner and the architect rack his brain to be able to design a comfortable dwelling.

So that the architect also prepared the idea of ​​‘wild‘, so that he could renovate this house to its full potential.

So the architect decided to change the appearance of the facade of the house to be able to maximize the elements of natural lighting in the house.

Then came the idea of ​​’wild’ to create a residential partition, which is also a place to store goods and complement the design of furniture in the dwelling.

Moreover, the shades of all-white colors on the walls as well as furniture, and also the wood material that is applied to the floor of this house, the occupants of the house so feel the impression of a spacious and healthy residential.

All thanks to the multifunctional furniture design concept that limits homes efficiently and effectively!

The triangular design of the storage cabinet is designed to be multifunctional for a pantry and a place to put goods for home needs.

Because the triangle is very efficient with the shape and size of the existing land.

And with this design, the circulation patterns in the house look wider and more effective.

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