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Uses of Dutch Teak Wood

Get to know the Dutch Teak more closely

So this wooden pallet is obtained from used container base for export and import activities.

Teak Netherlands has a unique character, especially in wood fiber.

There are several strokes with an older color, which extends from one side to the other.

At first glance it looks like books, but actually the surface is very smooth, really.

Another distinctive feature of Dutch Teak wood is its bright yellowish wood color, with very diverse sizes.

The last feature that is no less striking is the smell, buddy!
Its origin is from the pine tree or what is known by westerners as pinewood.

Eits, but do not be disappointed first, this wood is no less great when compared with teak, friend!

In terms of price, this wood is sold at a fairly cheap price.
For the cheapest price, you can get 120 x 10 x 2 cm wood, you know!
Not only cheap, the quality is also good and durable, because it has been tested in containers.

In addition, how to process it is very easy.

Furniture inspiration from Teak Netherlands
Maybe one of them can be an inspiration to be applied in your home as well!

Tips for Choosing a good Dutch Teak Wood
Choose a thick wood that suits your needs.
Various types of fiber.

Wood with a lot of straight fibers is the choice of people because it has a more firm and elegant impression.

Don’t be afraid if you see a lot of wooden eyes on this wood.

It actually adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the wood.

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