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Vanessa Andrea’s American Style House Design

Vanessa Andrea’s American Style House Design

Not only is it known to have a very stylish dress style, celebrity Vanessa Andrea or known by the name Instagram account @cherrydreamy also has a very cool and up-to-date home style. Characteristics of his style that impressed girly and cute turned out to be perfectly combined with the style of the house chosen. Vanessa chose to build her dream home that carries the concept of American Style. All parts of the house are made very interesting and in accordance with Vanessa’s personality, including the selection of furniture.

For home design, Vanessa Andrea does like farmhouse style houses from America because of their natural and classic models. This love of classic American home style is what finally made Vanessa choose her choice on Bramble Furniture which is dominated by that style. Well, do you want to know what the look of American Style home owned by Vanessa Andrea, which was also realized by Bramble Furniture?

Corner of the House with Rustic Decoration

An empty corner of the house can apparently be tricked by Vanessa with beautiful decorations using a display table. For example, the corner of the stairs in Vanessa’s house is decorated with beautiful white harvest Hooves Round Table. On the table add dried flower arrangements that add to the rustic impression of the overall appearance of the house.

Vanessa also added Homestead 2 Seater Bench with Rattan Baskets from Bramble Furniture to match a table in the corner of the stairs. Both of these furniture seem simple with a calm selection of colors that seem elegant.

Classic Desk for Workspace

American-style furniture usually has the characteristics of a strong support poles and large and sturdy. Besides functioning as a support, the form of a curvy and sturdy support poles also serves to provide an artistic element that will add to the perfection of the look of furniture.

Just like the appearance of the Ladies Writing Desk in Vanessa’s office. The shape is simple but elegant, very thick with an authentic American style. The color chosen by Vanessa is still the same, that is a simple white harvest.

Living Room with Sweet Side Table Decoration

As a place to relax during the day to do the hobby that you like, of course the living room should be arranged as well as possible. The selection of each furniture in the room must also support a harmonious and comfortable appearance.

Vanessa chose the Empire Lamp Table, also finishing white harvest. This table is also equipped with a small drawer and a small storage area at the bottom. Its sleek size becomes a sweet complement to the side of the sofa with a few small decorations and white sitting lamps at the top.

Beautiful Simple Dining Room in the Kitchen Corner

Vanessa’s dining room ideas on this one can be your example. By placing a minimalist dining table in the kitchen corner, you can get a simple, comfortable dining room that can be used as a place for breakfast to afternoon snacks. The chair used also accentuates the typical American style with carved elements that form a special motif.

Napoleon Dining Chair with white harvest color finishing looks sweet because of the small carved accent on the back. The addition of this carving also creates the impression of luxury in the interior feel of the house.

American Style Open Plan Kitchen Design

That way, he can be more flexible in entertaining the closest people and also a place to play with his beloved dogs. The kitchen also requires a lot of practical storage space.

Although it seems simple, this cupboard has plenty of storage places for various purposes of Vanessa. The use of American Style furniture also makes the room seem more timeless, homey and elegant.

Starting from the type of furniture to color finishing, all of which are dominated by harvest white. Do you want to have a homey and beautiful house like the Cherry Dreamy farmhouse design? Try replacing your old furniture with Bramble Furniture which is thick in American Style and suitable for any type of dwelling. You can also adjust your furniture choices to taste and finishing that can be chosen according to your wishes.

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